As expected. the Martyrdom Express is chug a lugging down the track and Donald Trump is going to leave no stone unturned — and this is at a time when even Kevin McCarthy says the election is “driving” towards a Biden win. But Trump won’t accept that, because he needs to milk every dramatic note out of the next 63 days that he can, to launch Trump TV slash streaming service.

As always, the issue is, “who’s gonna pay for it” and in this case, the tab is $7.9 Million. Now, don’t look to the Wisconsin GOP for cash, because they’re claiming they got hacked back in late October and the coffers are bare. Associated Press, October 29, 2020:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Hackers have stolen $2.3 million from the Wisconsin Republican Party’s account that was being used to help reelect President Donald Trump in the key battleground state, the party’s chairman told The Associated Press on Thursday.

The party noticed the suspicious activity on Oct. 22 and contacted the FBI on Friday, said Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt.

Hitt said the FBI is investigating. FBI spokesman Brett Banner said that, per policy, “the FBI is not permitted to confirm or deny an investigation.” The Wisconsin Department of Justice, which has a center focused on cyber crime able to assist if requested, has not been asked to investigate, said spokeswoman Rebecca Ballweg.

The alleged hack was discovered less than two weeks before Election Day, as Trump and Democratic rival Joe Biden made their final push to win Wisconsin and its 10 electoral votes. Trump won the state by fewer than 23,000 votes in 2016 and was planning his third visit in seven days on Friday. Biden also planned to campaign in Wisconsin on Friday. Polls have consistently shown a tight race in the state, usually with Biden ahead by single digits and within the margin of error. […]

There have been more than 800 attempted phishing attacks for financial gain targeting the Wisconsin Democratic Party this campaign cycle, but none has been successful, said party spokeswoman Courtney Beyer.

Two points: As the last paragraph shows, the Democrats managed to avoid being hacked, and it’s curious that AP is reporting that “the money stolen was for services already rendered.” What a great variation on the theme of The Dog Ate My Homework, “I would pay you what i owe you, but the hackers stole it!”

Maybe the hackers can be reasoned with, and they’ll give the Wisconsin GOP back the money so they can pay for Trump’s recount for him. Ya spose?


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7 Comments on "Trump Campaign Orders Wisconsin Recount, Maybe the ‘Hackers’ Will Pay For It"

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What do you want to make a bet that 2.3 mil was supposed to go to Trump but the hackers got it first? Their cybersecurity is on par with their skill at cover-ups: non-existent.


They better get their $7.9 million out of Herr Criminal first, otherwise they’ll never see it.

p j evans

Apparently they decided to go for a partial recount: they wired $3 million with their request.

Cherl Harrell

I heard it included only two counties and not the entire state.

p j evans

Madison and Dane – two reliably blue counties.

Lil Blue Sock

Yeaaaaah…..hackers stole it…….that’s the ticket.


They probably blew it on a premature celebration at Mar a Lago and the ‘hacked’ account is just a cover up to the expenses sheet