Former ambassadors are like babes, out of their mouths comes wisdom. Gordon Sondland now famously remarked, “Every time Rudy gets involved he goes and fucks everything up.” If only Team Trump had heeded this oracle early on, they might not find themselves in the mess that they do today, as Trump world melts down like a cheap plastic bowl left on a hot backyard grill.

The latest development in the increasingly futile effort to reverse the results of the 2020 election is that Rudy Giuliani filed paperwork Tuesday morning allowing him to appear in court on behalf of the Trump campaign and this is after several days worth of histrionics between the crack Trump legal team and the rest of the campaign. Tempers are hot and patience short.  ABC News:

Over the weekend, Giuliani and his own team of lawyers, which also includes Trump campaign legal adviser Jenna Ellis, attempted what was described to ABC News as an internal campaign “coup”— an attempt to wrestle power away from the current longstanding Trump campaign leadership by claiming the president had given them full control moving forward, multiple sources said.

Giuliani’s team has taken over office space in the Trump campaign’s Arlington, Virginia, headquarters and Ellis, whom White House aides have previously expressed concern over, began telling Trump campaign staffers they now report to her.

Ellis told the remaining campaign staff that they should only follow orders from people named “Rudy or Jenna” and to ignore any other directives from campaign leadership, sources familiar with the episode said.

The directive sparked outrage from senior campaign aides including Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien and senior adviser Jason Miller, sources said.

The attempted power grab hit a boiling point on Saturday when Miller, who’s been the campaign’s chief strategist for months, and Ellis got into what sources said was a “screaming match” in front of other staffers. They both threatened to call the president to settle who he wanted to be in charge, sources said. At one point, Miller berated Ellis and called her “crazy,” multiple sources said.

Donald Trump is hardly the adult to settle squabbles amongst quarrelling staffers, he needs somebody to change his own diapers. What we know is that Rudy Giuliani filed papers to appear in court, so it’s reasonable to infer that whatever oral argument goes forward on this epic election law case that Trump has wrought, Rudy will be the spokesman. The court transcripts will probably be beyond parody, is my prediction.

The New York Times is running a piece about Giuliani asking Trump for $20K per day as legal compensation. Rudy’s response to that was that the source, “is a liar, a complete liar.” According to him, he and Trump have a deal, we’ll work it out. “The arrangement is, we’ll work it out at the end.”  Giuliani can’t be that stupid. If he’s sallying forth as Trump’s knight errant and taking all the heat, he’s getting paid and paid well. There’s no other way in reason, logic, or common sense.

Mr. Giuliani had sought compensation for his work dating back to the day after Election Day, when Mr. Trump began publicly claiming that he won despite the results, according to people familiar with the request, who asked for anonymity to speak about sensitive discussions.

At $20,000 a day, Mr. Giuliani’s rate would be above the top-of-the-line lawyers in Washington and New York who can charge as much as $15,000 a day if they are spending all their time working for a client.

If Rudy wants to grift Donald Trump, fine by me. I hope he gets his money up front or he’ll be standing in a very long line to get it after the fact. Trump will leave office, as he has left everything, including business and wives, owing a hell of a lot of money.


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17 Comments on "Trump Campaign ‘Erupts In Chaos’ As Giuliani Files Paperwork To Appear In Court"

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Tin woman1

Two idiots (or three, four or…) This is kind of a fun show.

Deborah Walker

I love the sense of humor in the writing of this article


I hope everyone that works for a Republican gets an ulcer. I imagine the bunch in this story eat plenty of tums.

Lil Blue Sock


*munches popcorn*

*munch crunch munch*


Haha! This is going to be epic!


I cannot wait for this!


You DO know why Rudy suddenly wants money, right? He’s gonna be on the hook for some of those criminal charges too in a few months. And actual lawyers are expensive.

p j evans

Rudy may think he’s getting paid with a pardon. He should know better.

p j evans

And the Nevada GOP-T wants to toss the electors and get their own appointed, or if not, then just toss the entire lot of presidential votes in the state.
Their suit was described as a trainwreck by actual lawyers.


I read elsewhere that he also hasn’t paid his DC bar assn fees. Haven’t seen confirmation, so don’t know how true. I posted this information on my fb page and couldn’t resist adding a little snark: I love being gullible! (all of them)


The political version of “The Keystone Cops”