The evil genie that is Trumpism is not going back in the bottle. Listen to this character, who ostensibly was at the Washington, D.C. march. He’s unafraid to say awful things, because the trust fund baby he voted for gets to say awful things. That’s a main reason Trump is loved by these people. He’s living their fantasy. He gets to be an a$$hole, and he not only gets away with it, he’s rich. To a certain mind set, that’s being a god. Take a listen.

This guy even looks like Trump. Too bad he wasn’t born to mega wealth, he might have become the 45th president.

Make America Hate Again. No question but that that was the message of the past four years.

I’ve known clowns like this all my life, but the difference is that today, they’re part of a political movement and they have found the perfect mouthpiece in Donald Trump. They feel comfortable spewing this bile openly. I don’t know if we’ll ever heal from this. I guess we’ll find out. The fact that Trump will never back down makes me doubt of these people will ever seek compromise, either.



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14 Comments on "Trump Look Alike Says Derek Chauvin Should Have Leaned On George Floyd’s Neck Longer"

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Lil Blue Sock

It’s easy for a punk assed b!tch to talk smack about a dead man……

……if Floyd was in this coward’s face he’d pizz his pants.


Gus K.
If Trump was sitting in his car and saw this, he’d be grinning ear to ear, I suppose. Reminds me of King’s “Needful things.” Chaos has come to town, the genie cannot be put back in the bottle. I guess we’ll all have to somehow deal with this for several generations. I have recently learned of people who I’ve known for a while, who I would never have associated with such views, espouse this sort of rhetoric openly and unapologetically. Perhaps not as offensively or as blatantly as this guy, but along the same lines, and like Amy Cooper, swore… Read more »

And what would that have accomplished? He would be even more dead?

Cherl Harrell

I think it’s his way of reinforcing his position, basically doubling down. I had the same thought as you.


I take it from ‘Legal Votes Matter’ that any vote that wasn’t for Trump is illegal.
In that case, he should have had a return akin to the 1938 Austrian ‘plebiscite’ of 99%


Ursula, I think you have defined the problem of the trump fan more succinctly than I’ve heard yet: He’s living their fantasy. He gets to be an a$$hole, and he not only gets away with it, he’s rich.

And while they aren’t going away, we can push them back out of the limelight come Jan. 20. Shame them again. Make them go underground. They’ll still be there but it will be harder to feed off and gin up each other to madness and murder.

Meg Corrigan

I can’t watch this video. I’ve known these people too. But until tRump became their mouthpiece, they pretty much stayed under a rock except maybe when they had one too many beers. Now they are too stupid to realize that they were about to LOSE their freedom to say whatever they wanted, when our democracy almost became a banana republic dictatorship.


This fu***r should die with a Black officer kneeling on his neck…

Scott Jackson

Gosh, I didn’t realize they were letting members of Darwin’s waiting room out into the parking lot.