Donald Trump is about to find out what it is to be a has-been. His group of seemingly loyal sycophants is moving on without him, because what else are they going to do? The Lincoln Project captures this sentiment. This is sure to increase Trump’s paranoia level, if he sees it.

It’s true that the money is gone. Trump is holding campaign rallies in swing states, because he can’t afford advertising, so he’s got to depend on media coverage.

It would be interesting to know exactly where the money went and perhaps an investigation of federal campaign contributions and how those were actually handled will one day take place. One thing is certain, nothing is going to happen in the next eight days to alleviate the cash crunch that Trump is facing.

It’s going to be an interesting one week, one day in American history. And then we’ll see what the fall out is after the orange reactor finally melts down. Get the HAZMAT suits ready, clean up is going to be a mess.


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11 Comments on "WATCH: ‘Rats’ Leaving the Sinking Ship, From Lincoln Project"

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Tin woman1

I’m ready tp hunker down. Is everyone else?

Meg Corrigan


Gus K.

I guess even Trump knows it’s a sinking ship and won’t back a losing candidate.

“Trump has contributed just over $8,000 to his campaign this election cycle, according to FEC data. It’s a huge difference from 2016, when Trump contributed $66 million of his own money to his first presidential bid.”

Cherl Harrell

Also, he may not have the money to contribute that he had before.


Putey’s money, that is.


He may have ‘contributed’ but turned round and charged the GOP rent for using any of his buildings

Denis Elliott

At insanely inflated prices of course!

p j evans

He almost certainly did. That’s his pattern: use his facilities and pay extra.

Nora L Parker

Yes; Great, now we get to see them repub show that sweat

rory darjiit
He’s an interesting chap. He gives off the air of someone who can’t believe that someone who once stood by his side would eeeeeever abandon him, and yet he’s burned every bridge he’s ever built so it’s not clear why he’d be surprised that someone would abandon him. Hmm. Weirdo. “It would be interesting to know exactly where the money went…” “My campaign is under audit. I’d love to show you, but really it’s under audit. I called my campaign manager and he said here’s the spreadsheet ready to go and they’re perfect, but you can’t release them while you’re… Read more »

Wouldn’t you know, The IRS takes years and more years to audit one account, how the heck do they get the other millions of audits done on a yearly schedule?

Trump has SO MANY loop holes in his files, it takes years to audit?

I guess the only thing his accounting firm has to do, is make sure they keep the two bookkeeping systems tied to the right scams and money laundering schemes … /