George Conway, who identifies as a windmill cancer survivor, has penned a wondrously funny piece, using Donald Trump’s own words to hang himself. This is like a comic law review article, if such a thing exists, a trickle of commentary surrounding a river of citations. Conway has Trump’s absurd reelection campaign nailed. Here’s a sampling from the Washington Post:

I believe Sleepy Joe Biden and that “monster” Kamala D. Harris would turn America into a “socialist hellhole,” and we’d all have “to speak Chinese.” I believe they “want to take out the cows” and “any form of animals.” There will be “no airplanes,” they’ll “rip down the Empire State Building,” and we’ll only have “little, tiny windows.”

I believe Sleepy Joe leads an “organized crime family.” I believe he and President Barack Obama committed “the greatest political crime in the history of our country,” and it will be “a very sad, sad situation” if the attorney general doesn’t indict them.

I believe Hunter Biden is a criminal, because someone got hold of his “laptop from hell,” and because of some guy named Bobulinski, whoever he is. I believe Fake News reporters are also criminals because they won’t report this. […]

I believe Harris is “nasty,” a “communist” and a “madwoman.” I believe we can’t have “a socialist president — especially a female socialist president.” I believe she has a funny name, and it’s possible “she doesn’t meet the requirements” for the vice presidency because her parents were born abroad. […]

I believe the president has already announced his new, “incredible” health care plan, and it’s something “nobody has seen … before.” But I believe if it hasn’t been announced yet, it will be “very soon,” perhaps in two weeks. I believe that the president will improve on Obamacare by getting the Supreme Court to “end it,” which would be “so good.”

I believe the virus “affects virtually nobody,” and that the death count would be “very low” if we didn’t count Democrat states. I believe doctors and hospitals have overcounted deaths because they “get more money” for doing so.

There’s a lot more where this came from and this is a great read. If I was Donald Trump, I would want George Conway on my side, rather than against me. Conway was offered a post in the Trump administration shortly after Kellyanne accepted hers and he turned it down. You know the rest.

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9 Comments on "Satire From George Conway: ‘I Believe In The President Now More Than Ever’"

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Annar Key

And yet to support Gelatinous Goebbels you really have to believe, or be willing to overlook, all the things he mentions and more. I wonder if there has ever been a country with more idiots than the U.S. as it currently stands. No education, no morals, no scruples and no idea what reality is. Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life…….

dana fairfield

That’s the problem. They really do believe.

Scott Jackson

Hitler believed the third Reich would last a thousand years. Jim Jones followers believed forcing deadly poison into their children was their salvation. A dozen people wearing aluminum wrappers all killed themselves so they could be brought to salvation based on a comet. There are infinite examples of “belief” not only being stupid, but lethal.


I don’t think the problem is “no education” so much as “erroneous, propagandized education.” The uneducated can learn. The poorly educated have to unlearn before they can learn, and that somewhere between difficult and impossible.

dana fairfield

Part of the problem is sunk cost fallacy.

rory darjiit

I went and read the whole piece. It’s a great for the best way for a Never Trumper to make their case. When you pile all the crazy into one place, it’s beyond insane.

One week to go!


I want to have tattooed on my head “I have never voted for a Republican.” I have very few shame genes left. I can eat with my dad in public and survive. He has TBI. But if I were a Republican in elected office or working for this administration, I would die of shame.

gerardo rodriguez
Guest to…but the nex century in the cemetery..😀😀😀😀😹

Fred Robinson

The scary thing is that what passes for satire in the mind of Conway and people with functioning brains is the gospel to the true believers, QANON and those who always need to be told what to do because what passes for their brains, has atrophied over the years.