It’s starting to become apparent what Donald Trump’s game is, with respect to Lesley Stahl and the 60 Minutes interview that he stormed out of a few days ago. He’s worried that the “magnificently brilliant” answers that he gave will be edited out of the final piece. To that end, he’s threatening to release the entire show, unedited, before air time on Sunday.

He sounds like he’s shilling for Houdini, doesn’t he? “Watch how they wrap my brilliance in chains, how they attempt to lock my genius in a trunk and put it at the bottom of Deep State lake — but I, the Great Trumpini, will do a death defying escape and be reelected.”

Any legal types here want to weigh in on the legal ramifications of stealing some media outlet’s work product and putting it on the air? Although, CBS may not mind. This is publicity they could not buy. I don’t want to think of how many promo ads they would have to run to get to attracting an audience the size of the one that Trump is handing them on a silver platter. I can envision the Diana character in Network saying, “Don’t screw this up.”

And I wonder at the use of his phrase “take out.” That would seem to imply that the piece was designed to ruin him, to take him out of action — rather than simply being an interview. That of course comports with his enemy of the people narrative. One thing’s certain, 60 Minutes piece or no 60 Minutes piece, the fall of the Trumpkin empire is going to be something to watch.

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8 Comments on "Trump Threatens To Release ‘Unedited Preview’ of 60 Minutes Interview With His ‘Magnificently Brilliant’ Answers Uncut"

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Sigh, he REALLY wants everyone to pay attention to him. I almost wish Lesley Stahl had stormed out of the interview and started ranting about what a liar trump is.

Cherl Harrell

The enemy of the people, is really his enemy. If he releases the interview, it will be interesting to see people’s responses.

Denis Elliott
I could be wrong but from the start of this 60 Minutes stuff I’ve thought the absolute worst thing for Trump would be for them to simply run the tape unedited from the time the cameras started rolling until it was apparent he wasn’t coming back. Extend the time of the show to allow for pre-interview context as in any agreements on how long he’d be available for, the standard stuff about control of the footage, the subject not having editorial approval etc. and in this case any agreements regarding Covid safety protocols. Afterwards there can be a segment on… Read more »
rory darjiit

It’s up on Facebook!

Look at me, I’m shaking in my socks (I don’t have boots) because we all know that more Trump does his campaigns favors, lol.