Trump Falls Over His Own Shoe Laces…Again


Yesterday was a total joke, and I still can’t stop laughing. It was a joke from start to finish. First of all, when the FBI sets up a press conference, they do it right. It is announced hours ahead of time, with a teaser as to the subject content.

Yesterday’s joke was set up about 45 minutes in advance, with the totally generic subject of election security. But the punch line came when 4 dudes in suits looking like they had terminal gas walked out and Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe, stepped up to the podium in front of the FBI Shield. Ratcliffe knows full well that his reputation is for shit, so he pulled the misdirection of letting the FBI call the event, in the hopes that some of their remaining shine would rub off on him.

But when Ratcliffe opened his mouth, that’s when the laughter started. His whole presentation was a short, pissy statement that the intelligence services had uncovered a vile plot, in which Iran had somehow stolen publicly available voter registration information, and sent a bunch of fake e-mails from a far right group called the Proud Boys, in which they threatened to beat up Democrats who didn’t vote for Trump. Funnier yet, the plot was an attempt to scuttle the Trump reelection.

This is why I can’t stop laughing. The simple fact is that there was no excuse for that event to take place yesterday, or more importantly, for any importance to be attached to it. And that’s for the simple reason that Trump should already long ago have had built in deniability and immunity to the whole juvenile plot.

Look, here’s the quick down and dirty. In his whiny plea, Ratcliffe was proposing that the Iranians had sent out these false flag e-mails threatening Democratic voters if they didn’t vote for Trump. The implication is obvious, Americans don’t like bullies very much, and would likely be turned off by a candidate that attempted to use intimidation and threats to suppress the vote.

The more important question is why is this important at all? And here’s why. Because the Imbecile in Chief has shown himself completely incapable of distancing himself from these far right thugs from the word go. After all, it was Trump himself who damn near eulogized a Proud Boy who was shot and killed in a caravan Proud Boys incursion into Portland to start trouble. And it was Trump, rather than telling these idjits to go back to chasing each other around in the woods, told them to stand back and stand by.

All Trump had to do was to forcefully tell them to fuck off! If Trump had seriously denounced the Proud Boys right from the go, and continued to do so, who would believe that the group would be going to all of this trouble for a candidate that treated them like dog shit on the heel of the national shoe? But Trump is incapable of turning his back on anyone who purports to support him, and with Ratcliffe’s non existent credibility, there is at least some portion of the country going into the last 14 days of voting, and thinking that, egged on or not, right wing thugs are trying to put their thumb on the scale for Trump.

Trump’s arrogance and narcissism are killing him. And all Joe Biden has to do tonight is to stand back, wait for Kristen Welker ask the question, and watch Trump spend two minutes tying himself into knots over the Proud Boys. This should be fun.

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5 Comments on "Trump Falls Over His Own Shoe Laces…Again"

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rory darjiit

11 days. 11 [imagine word that will make Ursula do the extra work of approving the post] days.

Single digit countdown, coming soon to theaters nationwide!

Scott Jackson

Agreed. Trump could phuck up an iron wedge. Wonder what happens the first time he’s muted. Hope i can hang that long…30sec?

p j evans

He could fzck up a one-car funeral.

p j evans

How did they decide it had to be Iran, when the messages track to Estonia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and the UAE, none of which are allies of Iran?

Denis Elliott
This was a repeat of the Bush administration in 2004 sometimes trotting out an old Al Queeda threat & repackaging it to raise the alert level a notch. It was bullshit, and the media kinda sorta would suggest there was nothing new there (they were less cowed by that time but still pretty cowed) but here’s the thing. The shit to some degree actually worked, and would blunt any momentum Kerry was getting. Last night was someone on Team Trump remembering that and trying their own version. This time I doubt it will have as much effect but don’t underestimate… Read more »