There is odd, there is strange, there is bizarre, and then there is Donald Trump, He went on and on yet again in his Sunday night rally in Carson City, Nevada about liberal water pressure and how inadequate it is. He loves this material, for some reason. Probably none of his aides has the guts to tell him it’s stupid and it stinks.

That led to the creation of this jewel.

“Flush, flush, I thought I heard ’em callin’ my name, now Flush, Flush….”

14.5 days. Soon I’ll be counting the minutes.


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12 Comments on "Trump Has Ranted About Toilets So Much They Set It To Music"

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Lil Blue Sock

He’s had nearly four years to fix it, so why is low water pressure still the case???


I think it’s because he’s FOS and the toilet can’t handle it.


People=Trump=s h I t h e a d.

Scott Jackson

I can’t fathom why he cares about toilets…all his shit comes out of his mouth.


But the lightbulbs…..