Donald Trump landed in Arizona late this morning and he was not in the sweetest of moods. Of course, he had to vent his spleen on reporters. Trump’s vile behavior is normal for him and not surprising. What is truly disgusting is that Arizona Governor Doug Ducey and Senator Martha McSally were standing right beside him, silently, enabling him as is the wont of Republicans to do. It should not be forgotten in the days ahead that but for the GOP allowing this unconscionable display, and co-signing on his behavior, it would not be happening. If Trump lives in a bubble world of delusion that how he conducts himself is acceptable, it’s because he’s got his herd of enablers assuring him that it is.

“Your campaign strategy seems to be to call Biden a criminal,” the reporter said. “Why is that?”

“He is a criminal! He got caught. Read his laptop. And you know who’s a criminal? You’re a criminal for not reporting it. You are a criminal for not reporting it.”

Who’s a criminal? You’re the criminal. No, you’re the criminal. Seems like there’s an echo in here somewhere, doesn’t it?

And I love, “read his laptop.” Is this the laptop that was reported dropped off for repair six days before it was manufactured? That laptop? Or does Rudy have another stashed somewhere, with his lost cell phones and empty bottles?

What’s funny is that Trump thinks everybody is a criminal and should go to prison and ultimately, he will be found to be so, and he’ll end up there. Ironic how projection works, isn’t it?

This is what it’s going to look like for 15 more days, friends. Grit your teeth and bear it, we’re in the home stretch. And expect it to get worse. Trump is on the ropes and when he bounces off them it will be ugly. This is just a preview.

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11 Comments on "Trump Calls Joe Biden a ‘Criminal’ Tells Reporter ‘And You’re A Criminal For Not Reporting It’"

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Tin woman1

It is already ugly. I’ll watch it worsen.

Scott Jackson

One suggestion for humpty dumpty…when you go to prison, go back to the mobster rules you grew up with…keep ur mouth shut, & never rat on ur ‘friends’. The boys in there won’t tolerate ur endless spew. Just a suggestion frumpy.


No Donny, you’re a criminal.

Just not convicted yet, that’ll be after the election when you lose your Presidential immunity.

Scott Jackson

Let us remember, when they whine over being forgiven for their crimes, 22 members of Nixon’s team WENT TO PRISON. This includes his attorney & the attorney general. A boy can dream.

Gus K.

Maybe Trump himself has an incriminating laptop or phones or emails. He always projects. I guess the law about reporting foreign interference no longer applies to Trump? We just let him have his way? This is just sickening.

Scott Jackson

Hey let’s expose whatever has been buried & labeled classified just to hide his criminality & treason. All those conversations with putin, & NOT ONE GODDAMN WORD IS KNOWN. Meanwhile more ruskies indicted by the DOJ. go figure.


Indeeed funny that projection, why did none of them think to tell him, WE are not the ones that got impeached for life, or lied and stole money from your trump org or murdered hundreds of thousands of people with millions grieving, and are a sociopathic pathological liar. That’s just for a start.


Did you see how Trump told everyone he could bribe the CEO of Exxon? Exxon almost lost it’s mind.

Sharla RILEY

Voted a straight D ticket here in AZ the 1st day of early voting. Just wish Gov Ducey was on the ticket so I could vote against him!