Never before and hopefully never again will the American public witness such insanity coming from a sitting President of the United States.

Last night the President of the United States on a nationally televised interview just spent one hour making statement after pronouncement of objectively verifiable outrageous dangerous lies, ridiculous evasions, and unhinged, insulting, insane theories. At a transformative time in the history of our Republic, the POTUS performed a one hour act which by any other person would justify an immediate 3-day psychiatric hold to prevent the occurrence of a danger to himself and others ( the  others in this case being the entire population of the world wide audience).

Where are the voices of reason from the upper  echelons of our federal government who are constitutionally ordained to protect our national security? Where are the voices of reason from the GOP Senators who are supposed to say “enough” of a lunacy that is a clear and present danger to our country and to the world. It is impossible to ignore the horror of the performance which we all  just witnessed. Unless some responsible leaders step forward and declare that the POTUS is not in his right mind, we can look forward to a national debacle the likes of which this country has never seen.

My God, if your own mother or your funny old uncle spoke such nonsense, such gibberish, such unhinged idiocy you would have the men in the white suits carry him off to the funny farm in a straitjacket lickety-split… all the more reason why Donald Trump needs to be restrained and kept away from a camera or a microphone or a telephone so he cannot infect the consciousness of too many gullible people who are ready to be swayed by the world’s most influential bully pulpit; and ready to take up arms to defend a series of paranoid, insane conspiracies encouraged by a desperately delusional POTUS who would prefer to use his office to  promote a “dis-informational, mis-directional, distraction theory”, the new favorite of our “stable genius in Chief”, the soon to be popular Q Anon, the “Trump Base” “rai·son d’ê·tre”,  that there is a world-wide group of dangerous actors and celebrities who are pedophiles and who drink the blood of children in order to conduct some kind of pedophilia sexual slavery ring.

If this is not evidence of “Crazyville on steroids”, then our country is beyond redemption, and I am a monkey’s uncle.

I decided to wait until today, after one day of sober reflection, to digest and fairly evaluate Donald Trump’s sweaty, small-minded,  desperate, and delirious dance with lunacy. The only fair-minded conclusion to be drawn is that the POTUS needs to be restrained. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is trustworthy; nothing is close to what a leader of the Free World should be saying ever, (including his recommendation of a Supreme Court Justice to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg), especially at this time in our history.

It would be helpful if the remainder of Trump supporters who have any degree of Integrity or common sense within their souls open their eyes and declare unequivocally that what they too just witnessed was the pure lunacy of a man who is so desperate that he will say or do anything that may save him from the reckoning that he knows is rapidly approaching.

We are way beyond “enough is enough”.

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Already, enough is too much.


Cherl Harrell

The crying shame of it is that the republicans, McConnell mostly, will not step up and do anything. The rest of us are voices, crying in the wilderness.

It’s easy to see past the comments of the lizard breath con in the WH, since his rhetoric goes back what seems like eons ago … His tired, aimless stature, in both meaning AND MEANESS, has just wiped out any decent person’s respect for him WORLDWIDE, and our Country that we still hold precious to ourselves has taken a hard beating on the International stage, due to the GOP’s, stagnant position on promoting and sustaining this farcical so-called, “president”, not a damn thing good has come from the hand-sitting Senate, bombing everything Obama while he struggled to return our Country… Read more »
This reminds me of a song I heard when I was a child (I’m 82). HOORAY, HOORAY, I’M GOING AWAY (Sunny Skylar) Beatrice Skylar (with Mitchell Ayres & His Orch.) – 1947 (Sounds of a scream, ambulance sirens, birds twittering) Hooray, hooray, I’m goin’ away With the man in the little white coat I’m all dressed up like a Christmas packet Cosy and warm in a cute straightjacket Hooray, hooray, I’m goin’ a-way And I’ll bet you’re wonderin’ where Well I just heard from Napoleon B He wants to have a little talk with me Hooray, hooray, I’m goin’ a-way… Read more »
Alfred Higgins

That would be IMPOTUS, if you please!

Carroll Ann Robinson

He so offends our sense of decency; but he also in his lunacy scares the hell out of us. It’s like we’ve been sentenced to an almost four-year horror movie and made to watch it with our eyes held open. Sometimes I think this must have been how Hitler’s generals and others who organized a coup against him must have felt; but at least they did something about it. Not like Ben Sasse, who in speaking up at the 11th hour is putting out feckless and trifling crap and only in his own self-interest.