Another political ad masterpiece in a season where there are many. Maybe we should come up with a new award, the Donscar, which would be awarded to Best Trump Tear Down. We could have a number of categories, satire, outrage, drama, farce, parody, musical, and more.

Here is the latest ad from The Protest Films, and it is a hoot. Enjoy it and spread it wide.

Hang on tight to your dreams, Donald. Because your reality is about to get really tacky, really fast, when all those criminal and civil suits start kicking into high gear.


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2 Comments on "WATCH: ‘Dream On Donald’ Uses Comedy and Sci Fi Images To Troll Trump"

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Meg Corrigan

Wow! What a great ad! Although I think they almost portrayed Melania as the heroine of the story, which I hardly think is true!


A little imagination is all anyone needs to put things in order in the WH, unfortunately for the long term employee regulars, Trump is NOT able to see what is wrong with himself, or imagine one minute in the character of a REAL president, his world of wanna-be is a gold plated nothing ….