Remind yourselves when you examine the following, that this is Mr. Person Woman Man Camera TV, who is coming up with the image of Joe Biden in a wheelchair, amongst other seniors in wheelchairs. So the inference is what? Biden is mentally and physically trashed? And so are other seniors in wheelchairs. Say — wasn’t there an American president in a wheelchair once and wasn’t he considered a pretty competent guy? Not that Trump would know anything about American history, why should he?

In all events, this is likely to go over like the white power salute Trump retweeted. Twitter is a major advertising tool and Trump has 87.2 million followers. So this will get out there. What it does to his campaign, however, may not be what he wants to have happen.

I guess when you’re five years old mentally, you forget that you’re in a 74-year-old body.

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13 Comments on "Trump’s Latest Anti-Biden Ad Backfiring"

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He is a proven idiot. He, and his s h I t team, make horrible decisions.


It just now occurred to me that Trump has solidified Uncle Joe’s comparison to FDR forever.

Meg Corrigan

Even his incompetent campaign staff must have cringed at this moronic move!

rory darjiit

There’s that old episode of The Simpsons where Homer becomes Union president, and despite being an idiot and ready to cave for nothing, Mr Burns concedes to the Union demands, whereupon Homer runs outside and starts doing donuts on the pavement.

“You know, Smithers,” Burns states, “I think I may have overestimated this Homer Simpson.”

Trump is an incompetent buffoon. He lucked into a win, and could luck into a second, but not because he’s a political mastermind. Here’s to hoping it’s Biden +7 in Florida and we can put this to bed by 10 pm election night.


That is about the worst photoshopping I have ever seen.

rory darjiit

As a designer, what I will say is that they failed to adjust levels, hue, saturation, angle, masking, clipping and scaling. But they did manage to import a picture of a retirement community and a picture of Biden onto the workspace, so there’s that.

Cherl Harrell

Even the finer points aside, they could have at least got the proportion, or as you say scaling right, but NOOO! There is no neck and head is huge. Other than that, perfect.


Does kind of imply Trump’s self importance, he seems to suffer from the, “BIG HEAD”, syndrom ….

p j evans

Old =/= incompetent or senile. (I’m pretty sure my most-senior-aunt had no intention of voting for Himself in 2016. She was fairly far left.)

Scott Jackson

Two things Mr toad. I’m 67 & u can kiss my arse . U can also kiss my vote goodbye.