There is no joy in Trumpville, Bill Barr just struck out. A federal judge disagrees with Barr’s assessment that the information that was redacted from the Mueller report was privileged. District Judge Reggie Walton ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration had failed to justify certain redactions, and on that basis the Department of Justice is hereby ordered to publish said information. The Hill:

The specific redactions he took issue with cover the decisionmaking process within former special counsel Robert Mueller‘s team over whether to charge certain people with crimes during the probe.

“Based on the Court’s review of the unredacted version of the Mueller Report, the Court concludes that the Department has failed to satisfy its burden to demonstrate that the withheld material is protected by the deliberative process privilege,” Walton, who was appointed by former President George W. Bush, wrote in his 40-page opinion.

The decision comes as a result of a pair of lawsuits under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) brought by a journalist with Buzzfeed and the Electronic Privacy Information Center that sought to have the full, unredacted report released to the public.

Walton on Wednesday ruled that the DOJ could continue to withhold material it had redacted under FOIA exemptions allowing agencies to conceal information that would compromise law enforcement investigations or compromise the privacy of witnesses.

If there is one Trump accomplice who immediately needs to vanish from public life, it is Bill Barr. Next to Trump himself, he is the most corrupt person in Washington, D.C. — and with this iteration of the GOP in power, that is saying something.

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10 Comments on "Barr Squelched, Federal Judge Rules Redacted Portions Of Mueller Report Must Be Released"

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Senovio Rodriguez

Be gone! or was it Get thee behind me? Don’t remember correctly but probably sounds better in the original Latin, Greek, Aramaic…

Just curious, can Congress “move” the IGs from executive branch? Or could it add something like the GAO?

Tin woman1

He needs prosecution.

Denis Elliott

I’m happy to see you made it to Vegas safe & sound. I’m also happy to see the administration lose in court again. To be honest though, I’m not holding out much hope for any bombshells given what we’ve learned about the Mueller investigation. Such as Rosenstein having so limited the scope, trick bagging both Mueller and the FBI into incorrectly believing the other was looking at different things, and then the revelations that Mueller insisted on playing by old-school rules and even then not pushing as hard as he should have.


How many more times does Bill Barr have to lose in court before people finally accept that his rep was built on the shoulders of the more comptent quisling Rod Rosenstein?

Lil Blue Sock

I wonder who President Elect Biden will appoint to prosecute Billy Ewok???


My money’s currently on Sally Yates.


My thought on this mess with Barr is this, how do you make them obey the law and the judge? Barr and trump both believe they are the law and can do whatever the f*ck they want. Who is going to MAKE THEM release the unredacted transcript?

Meg Corrigan

Good point, red. I really think we’re going to get no place with any of this until tRump is voted out and Biden gets to tell Barr, You’re fired!

Janey K Kelly

Watching the news tonight. Hope Hicks has covid-19 and is quite sick. Trump has been exposed. Is this the October surprise or is this Trump’s way out of losing the election? I heard if he thought he would lose, Ivanka will announce he’s very sick with covid-19 and will withdraw from the race. Pence will take over and finish the race. Pence can pardon Trump and he will just moved to Mara-logo. Or Ivanka will finish in her dad’s place. Any chance any of this can happen?

Scott Jackson

No. But it’s fun. Or maybe he’ll ignore the warnings from his staff, & drag it out til Nancy has him escorted out. I’m still hoping for rabid weasels storming the golf course & chewing him to pieces, along with Leningrad Lindsey, bullshit barr, & Moscow mitch. Then they can turn on gym Jordan & chase down gatz, who was drunk of course. Ah…a boy can dream. That’s all we got til…