One of the first comments that Art Of The Deal author Tony Schwartz made back in the day about Donald Trump was that it is very, very important for him to have you believe that he is much wealthier than he actually is. As his campaign coffers empty out and his fundraising takes a back seat to Joe Biden’s, Trump is not taking it well. And remember, Mr. Moneybags said that he was going to kick in $100 Million of his own money into the campaign. When?

Hard to be a titan of finance with no cash. He disses “Mini Mike” Bloomberg and Jeff “Amazon Washington Post” Bezos, but they really are billionaires.

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5 Comments on "WATCH: Trump’s Boasts About Wealth Punctured In Mocking New Ad"

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p j evans

And in the town hall Tuesday in Philadelphia, the ordinary people were asking good questions that he couldn’t tapdance past, even though he tried. (Better questions than most “news reporters”.)


Looked to me like they ate his lunch. Bet he squirms out of a debate.

Carroll Ann Robinson

Hmmmm. Nice thought. But how would he do it? What would be the reason(s)? And do you think he’d maybe try to get out of all three?

Carroll Ann Robinson
God but that was very difficult to watch. Not sure why, but it was. Gotta think about this. Okay, I think I have it: we’re so many of us terrified he will cheat his way to a win and this money spot contradicts all the tropes we’re living with right now. We are so afraid of him winning again we appear to be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. If he is really this broke, ditto his campaign, with almost seven weeks to go? Not a good sign for him or his chances. Even the free local news coverage… Read more »
Alfred Higgins

tRump also fantasizes that he has large hands, long fingers, `and other large members, but that doesn’t make it so.