I wonder if I should start putting “enemy of mankind” in the box on my income tax return that says “occupation.” RWNJ radio host Glenn Beck just defined this term for us and are you ready? It’s “anybody with a journalism degree.” Wow. I used to contemplate setting fire to it anyhow, in this day and age of Trumpism, and now I guess I better before Glenn Beck sends his goons going house to house to do a diploma search.

“If you have a degree from any school of journalism, I don’t trust you. You have lied over, and over, and over, and over again. You are pointing everyone’s direction in the wrong direction.”

Well, see, Glenn, we do that to see what condition our condition is in.

“You are an enemy to mankind. You are an enemy to man’s freedom. What you have done will be remembered a hundred years from now when maybe, possibly — possibly, men are free again after what you have done, you will be remembered in not a kind way.”

Wow. I am the keeper of the mind forged manacles that William Blake wrote about? Just by virtue of having gone to J-school? Hell of a deal, that.

Time for a poll: After listening to this, who is this month’s winner of the Michele Bachmann Batshit Award:

  1. Michael Caputo;
  2. Glenn Beck;
  3. Jerry Falwell, Jr.
  4. Anybody who votes for Donald Trump.

I wonder what I can do — if anything — to regain Glenn Beck’s trust? I know I won’t sleep tonight and possibly never again, knowing that I have incurred Glenn Beck’s disfavor.

And Zoomers, be mindful of the company you keep. If you’re reading this, it means you’re on a site run by a card carrying Enemy of Mankind. Journalists are the new commies. Start looking under the bed, there might be one hiding there.

My sense of this, is that Bob Woodward’s revelations did a lot more damage than right-wingnuttia wants to admit. And Trump melting down on ABC News last night at the town hall didn’t help either. They can’t blame Trump, so they’ve got to blame the journalists.

And don’t forget, “first they came for the journalists. But I was not a journalist, so I didn’t worry.”

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24 Comments on "Glenn Beck Just Declared Me ‘An Enemy Of Mankind’ Seriously"

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Tin woman1

Fun story. A nice read.

Gale Marie AudiaThan

Where did all these “wingnuts” come from?


Well, I took journalism my senior year in high school, so does that count? And Glenn Beck is just broadcasting from the scrap heap the Trumpies are going to join him on soon.

Wear it like a badge of honor Ursula. It means despite all the tremendous layoffs of journalists and media employed people…. you and so many of the other joruinalists remaining who have not backed down…. have made and continue to make a difference in exposing lies, corruption, and crimes by certain of those elected and appointed officials who we pay to lead and govern with our tax dollars. On the other hand Beck is only repeating and disseminating the latest paid Russo-Nazi cyberterrorist propaganda. For him to have an original thought in his brain would be about as common as… Read more »

They are all so scared, the unhingery is ramping up in sadist land.

Denis Elliott
Well, decades ago I declared (via bumper sticker – no internet back then) to be a member of the Immoral Minority (also had one that said The Moral Majority Is Neither) and while I don’t have a journalism degree a childhood pal does. I used to do voiceovers for him for his projects (both radio and TV) back at SIU-C which has (or had) an awesome school of journalism. He also got his Master’s in the subject and though he started out as “Talent” he switched to management and rose up fairly high. Retired in Vegas as a matter of… Read more »
Scott Jackson

Guess watching Rachael maddow qualifies. I wouldn’t sweat it. Glenn is an empty barrel. I attended unc-ch, an institution Jesse helms called communist hill for 50yrs. He was a powerful US senator until the lonely shadows caught up with him. Bluster. Whistling in the graveyard.

dana fairfield

Anytime anyone points out how Trumpism parallels fascism, guys like Beck charge hyperbole, and then burst out with this nonsense. The judgement of history will be very harsh with Beck, et al.

Seán O'Brien

And this month’s winner is….
all of the above.

Seán O'Brien

Correction: “this week’s”

Carroll Ann Robinson

On your vote-for list? May I suggest you add a #5 for “all of the above.” Whatcha think?

Anti-Wing Nut

But Glenn avoided the REAL question on everyone’s mind, which is: do you drink children’s blood? Wait, wait…. those damn guys are in the warehouse again!!! My company produces Wing Nuts but this group of crazy white guys keeps stealing them!!! 😉

Meg Corrigan

CONGRATULATIONS?, Ursula!!! 🎉🎊🎉🎊👍👍👍What an unexpected honor to have bestowed upon you…NOT! And I vote for all four.


It really is a measure of their inhumanity that they need to diminish and destro everything sane peole, such as our founders, hod lear and teust.

Fred Robinson
Old Glenn Beck thinks of himself as a good Mormon. I just sent a message asking him why, if journalism majors, of which I am one, are enemies to mankind, and why his church’s university has a department of journalism and communication, if which I am a graduate. Glenn has had a huge credibility problem from the very first, but the true believers simply don’t et it. I always said Michael Reagan got it better than most. Back when Al Franken was trying to start a liberal talk show, Reagan remarked on his show that liberal radio could never succeed… Read more »