The Lincoln Project does another comedic turn today with this 74-second condensation of the Minden, Nevada rally on Saturday. As you recall, Trump was nasal and slurring his speech the entire 90 minutes — and talking about bald eagles dying near windmills and his usual lunacy.

The speech put me in mind of a past-his-prime crooner, doing the old favorites for the crowd for nostalgia’s sake. Windmills causing cancer, ruining TV reception and killing birds isn’t amusing the 50th time you hear it. But Trump’s is not an original mind.

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Scott Jackson

The Evil Clown


Don’t you dare conflate him with Pennywise or God help us the Joker!

p j evans

The makeup lines on the sides of his neck!

Lil Blue Sock

My favorite quote by Trump-O was, as covered by NBC News…..

“He added that he doesn’t fear contracting COVID-19 when he hosts a rally because when he’s on stage he’s “very far away” from the audience and is therefore “not at all concerned.””

Ummm….the point isn’t about you dumbass….it’s about the unwashed masses at your hate fests spreading the virus to normal people after the crosses have been burned.

Meg Corrigan

tRump’s only concern is himself. If you ask me, the further away he is the better. How about Jeffrey Epstein’s Pedophile Island?


I have to say i m not at all concerned for his audience any more than he is.

“The speech put me in mind of a past-his-prime crooner, doing the old favorites for the crowd for nostalgia’s sake.” Well, it’s not necessarily “for nostalgia’s sake.” Interestingly enough, Barbra Streisand explained why she does all her old songs in her concerts a few years back in her 2010 CD/DVD release “One Night Only,” a concert performance recorded at the Village Vanguard club in 2009. Before she performs “If You Go Away (Ne me quitte pas),” she recounts how she loved Jacques Brel’s music, specifically his song “Ne me quitte pas” (which Rod McKuen would “translate” as “If You Go… Read more »

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Well, that was 74 seconds I’ll never get back.

Carroll Ann Robinson

Two of us just now watched this and in unison said “what the eff was that?” Sadly, condensing it didn’t make it look worse–he talks gibberish even in straight verbal lines.