The romance between Fox News and Donald Trump has dashed on the rocks so many times that nothing is left of that once-mighty vessel but toothpicks and splinters. A new Fox News poll was released Sunday and it showed Trump’s talking point about what a basket case Joe Biden is falling flat. 51% of those polled believe that Biden possesses the mental acuity to serve as president and only 47% believe that Trump does.

Once again, the fact that Trump is not running against Hillary is reinforced. Hillary Clinton had a 25-year-long disinformation campaign waged against her and as a result she was hated by a lot of people. It was undeserved, but nevertheless it was very real. It was a major contributing factor as to why she lost to the worst presidential candidate in American history and arguably in any country’s history. The 2016 campaign was a circus, with two candidates referred to as “flawed” and that was the nice word, other words being “unpopular” “controversial” and just plain “bad.”

Joe Biden is not Hillary Clinton and the mud slinging is not taking hold the same way that it did. Also, America has spent four years living in Trump’s side show and it’s getting a little old being on the road with a carnival. Trump seems oblivious to these facts and his response, and his campaign’s, is simply, “we did it once, we’ll do it again,” unconscious to the fact that four awful years have clocked by on his watch.

Also, and this is key: in 2016 there was times when the race was neck and neck and several times Trump overtook Hillary. In this race, Biden took the lead early and he has maintained it. That’s a different kettle of fish.

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8 Comments on "Trump Loses To Biden On Fox News Poll Question, Who Is Mentally Sound To Be President?"

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p j evans

Himself thinks everything is fine because the stock market is doing well. He can’t see Main Street – I don’t think he’s ever really seen it – and he has no clue how tired people are of his shtick and his mismanagement.


Yet another hurricane heading straight for my daughter in New Orleans, and we have this monster in the White House and a Democratic governor in her state. The last one just missed her and those poor people that were hit are showing up in NOLA starving. The entire Federal government has been fucked up by the damn traitor. He ain’t stupid, he is evil. He is a traitor. Hell, Benedict only gave away some floor plans, this bastard has almost destroyed the country and is killing as many as he can every day.


I keep telling you, Blue, that he can be–and is–just as stupid as he is treacherous AND evil. Otherwise, a lot less people would care about him still being here.

Meg Corrigan

Benedict Donald!

Carol O
I find it appalling and frightening that as much as 47% think tRump has the mental ability to be president, in spite of four years of evidence to the contrary. Have they not been listening? Watching? Everyday is a dumpster full of evidence that the guy is a moron, a delusional, corrupt, lying moron. For me the numbers are just too close. We could easily lose this election if we don’t have a tidal wave of Dem voters. With the gerrymandering and voter suppression wide-spread in other states, with the great dislocation of people threatened and evacuated from wildfire here… Read more »
Scott Jackson

Conclusion? That 47% is just as evil & ignorant as he is.