Brad Parscale promised a Death Star, but Mike Bloomberg is the one delivering it, and it’s aimed at Donald Trump. Bloomberg has pledged to spend $100 Million in Florida to elect Joe Biden. This is no small thing. Trump He knows that. We know that. He knows that we know. Axios:

Why it matters: Taking Florida would be close to a knockout blow for Biden, who could then win the election outright by retaining all the states that Hillary Clinton won in 2016 and defeating President Trump in one of the following swing states: Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, North Carolina or Arizona.

The big picture: Cook Political Report on Thursday shifted its prediction for Florida from “leans Democratic” to “toss up,” after a number of polls showed the race tightening. Some Biden advisers have expressed concern about his soft support among Hispanic voters, who make up more than 20% of the electorate in Florida.

Between the lines: Bloomberg’s aim is to encourage enough early voting to “give lie to what we expect to be Trump’s election night messaging that Democrats are stealing the election, because unlike other battleground states, Florida counts its absentee ballots on or by Election Day,” said Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson.

This is a very smart tactical move. Trump is counting on chaos and confusion and the “red mirage” which is a scenario that shows Trump winning on election night, but losing when mail-in ballots are counted. Winning Florida up front on election night would take a lot of the wind out of Trump’s sails — and so his reaction is exactly what you would expect.

Trump can flail away on Twitter all that he wants to. The facts remain that

1. Parscale spent money like a drunken sailor, including $15K a month fees to Lara Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle;

2. The Trump campaign raised less than half the amount of money in August that Biden/Harris did;

3. Now Mike Bloomberg has come out of the shadows with his wallet and who knows where that might go? Florida might just be the beginning.

Bloomberg just ratcheted up the level of Trump’s problems, considerably. He better have another dose of Adderall or whatever he’s taking these days, because he is quite evidently taking something. If the rest of his rallies show him in the same condition that he was in on Saturday night in Nevada, he’s going to be the first candidate in history to go straight to rehab after the election. That is, if he doesn’t collapse first.


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13 Comments on "Mike Bloomberg Sinks $100 Million In Florida To Elect Biden, Trump Rages In Return"

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Cherl Harrell

I’m voting he will collapse. I don’t think his body can hold up to that level of abuse and he is way too prideful to ever go to rehab.


I’m amazed that it has yet to happen, personally.


Bloomberg just dropped the atom bomb of this campaign. It does what we think it will, Trump’s finished.

Denis Elliott
If I remember correctly after suspending his campaign Bloomberg said on the record he’d commit a billion dollars to defeating Trump. I’ve been wondering about that lately because he seemed to have disappeared like he was in witness protection or something. One hundred million isn’t a billion, but it’s a hellva lot to spend over two freaking months. And all in one state. I hope you’re correct and this is just the opening shot. Maybe, just maybe he’s about to roll out an entire “broadside” (in battleship terminology it means firing all nine of the sixteen inch guns – a… Read more »

Maybe this is coming out now after the tapes made their rounds and Desanti won his round in the court about voting. I’m still wondering why he hasn’t caught this virus being so close to all the people that have


To rehab? Do federal prisons have good rehab?

Ilene Proctor

Bloomberg would get more electoral bng out of his big bucks if he paidd the fines that DeSantis i imposing on ex-felons. Here’s hoping he gets that message.