I would say that this is unbelievable, but happening in a state which sends the likes of Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert to Washington — not to mention rising star Ronny Jackson — anything is possible. A middle school science quiz contained the question, “Is coronavirus a scam?” and “false” answers were marked wrong. Yet, the principal denies that there was any political motivation behind this. KMOX Radio:

A Pearland ISD parent, Elizabeth Madrigal, posted the photo of the quiz question on Facebook and it immediately received several angry responses.

“This is not acceptable,” one woman commented on the post. “As a healthcare worker, this infuriates me.”

Madrigal said her main concern was that “the teacher might be using his or her political opinions to spark debates on the virus.”

“Had it been worded in a way that they could give their opinions and not be marked incorrect, it could have started a conversation that was relevant to today’s news and been a great way to start the year in science class,” Madrigal said. “It could have gauged the kids’ understanding of the pandemic and really been a good opener to the science behind all of it.”

The way to start a conversation would have been to discuss herd immunity or a vaccine or the like. To question whether the coronavirus is real or not is clearly anti-science and political.

The question has since been removed from the quiz, though Pearland Junior High East principal Dr. Charles Allen says the question was only meant to “spark a conversation” and has denied any requests for comment.

“It was not to imply the virus is not serious or to make any political stance,” Allen said.

“Dr.” Allen is either disingenuous or he’s too stupid to know how off point he is. This is no different from asking whether hydrogen is real, or a scam. The framing of the question is political. What is tragic is that these “educators” are confusing kids about what’s real and what’s not. Here, fact is being confused with opinion and that is deadly to critical analysis. I feel for these kids.

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10 Comments on "Texas Science Exam Asks ‘Is Coronavirus A Scam?’ Right Answer: True"

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Vote! Vote! Vote! Arrggghhhhh!

p j evans

Dear sweet Ghu, that is just so obviously a loaded question *which doesn’t belong in a science class*. Or should only be asked after a session on the virus, with real science and a section on how to recognize bull when it’s being run past you.

Scott Jackson

Guess they don’t believe in gravity unless they fall out of a tree & break their goddamn arm. Hopeless. Vote or watch earth turn into Venus where no life lives. Tipping point you brain dead morons. Don’t worry about a little thing like democracy. Let the oil & gas industry continue to “protect” our environment until Jan 2025 & we are just another species out the door. Kiss ur children goodbye.

Denis Elliott

A rather famous or perhaps infamous would be a better descriptor who identifies as a Texan once famously asked “Is our children learning?” Alas, in far too many school districts down there they are – but they are being taught and therefore “is learning” the wrong shit!

Jarvis Wellesley


Lil Blue Sock

The old saying really is true……”Everything is BIGGER in Texas”……

Yep……especially the idiots.



This has to be one of the stupidest things I have read in many weeks. Whoever created that should be fired.

Scott Jackson

These hypocritical members of Darwin’s waiting room don’t believe in science while carrying a device that bounces off orbiting satellites. They drive internal combustion engines, cook in microwaves & sit in front of a terminal. How can they be so phucking stupid & blind you ask. Easy. Garbage in garbage out.

old grey dude

Pearland Texas is a special place. As in ‘Isn’t that special’