Trumpjango Unhinged


Lordy, lordy, where to even start. As I speak, Representative Jim Clyburn is on MSNBC, ripping Trump a new one. He’s doing that because MSNBC made the decision to pull away from Trump’s televised political pissy fit. This was alleged to be a presidential event to sign executive orders dealing with the logjam for coronavirus relief. Instead he went off on a free association rant about the Democrats, twisting and misrepresenting every basic fact of the matter at hand.

I believe that Trump could be legally detained for 38 hours as a risk to himself or others after today’s debacle. The man is delusional. He of course referred to the Speaker of the House as Crazy Nancy, and claimed that Sleepy Joe was totally under the influence of Bernie Sanders and the radical left. And like any true psychotic, he argued with himself. In ridiculing The Heroes Act that the House passed in May, Trump blasted Pelosi and the Democrats for demanding things like universal mail in balloting, accusing them of trying to steal the election, as well as a ban on universal voter IDs, and wanting massive numbers of illegal immigrants and violent criminals released into the population. And then Trump slammed the Democrats for holding up negotiations over several things that are in the same damn bill, that the Democrats wrote! Essentially, he was arguing that the Democrats were negotiating against themselves, but hell, they have to negotiate with somebody!

But let’s ignore the content of the lunacy for a moment, and just look at the optics. Late yesterday afternoon, Trump announced a flash news conference to announce the signing of some executive orders today. When reporters assembled at Trump’s club, there were dozens of Trump members, dressed in golf clothes, wearing no masks, and holding wine glasses standing around. They served as a mini rally crowed, cheering Trump and heckling reporters. When it was pointed out to Trump that the gathering exceeded the state’s limit, Trump responded that as a political rally, with free speech, it was exempt. The problem is that it was billed as an official presidential press conference, not a political rally.

It was the same damn thing today, a mini mob of club members, praising Trump and booing reporters, only this time they had masks on, and there were fewer of them. But the press got their revenge today, repeating a question Trump didn’t want to answer, and driving Glorious Bleater from the room with his tail between his legs.

But ask yourself this, who was the intended audience for these twin debacles? I’ll tell you who, a bunch of people sitting around the house with the TV on in the background while they try to find a loophole in their eviction notice. And there sits their President, in his billionaire’s toy, surrounded by a bunch of rich assholes that can afford to toss $350,000 a year at Trump for the privilege of bragging that they can swill down overpriced drinks at his club, watching them yuck it up while these people are getting ready to find out what boxed macaroni and cheese tastes like without the milk and butter. And Trump is playing to this crowd like some kind of a Catskills baggy pants comic. Trump has done more damage to himself than Biden could ever dream of doing.

Now, let’s take a look at the actual Executive Orders, there are four of them, and this won’t take long. In the first, Trump is extending the federal unemployment protection, but at $400 instead of the original $600. Last time I checked, you weren’t extending something if you changed what it was. But here’s the kicker, Trump is asking the states to pony up 25% pf the cost of extending the program. The Democrats in congress won’t have to sue Trump over this, states of all colors will be running to court to challenge Trump’s authority to saddle them with extra debt.

This next one I can handle as a twofer. Trump is extending the moratorium on evictions until the end of the year, as well as a moratorium on student loan debt. Trump can actually do this to an extent, but not the one he thinks, and a lot of people are going to be pissed. Only about 1/3 of the homes and apartments are federally guaranteed, through things like the Fair Housing Act, which I used for my first mortgage, and federal rent control measure.  Because federal funding is involved, those lenders will have to comply, but everybody else is shit outta luck. The same for the student loan moratorium. Only those having loans with federal backing or federal money involved, less than 50% of all outstanding loans, will qualify for the moratorium. Everybody else is on their own.

The last one is by far the most pernicious, and a pure sop to Trump’s petty ego. Trump is putting a moratorium on federal payroll taxes for the rest of the year. This is something he has craved, but that nobody else wanted, for two reasons. First, if you’re unemployed, you aren’t paying any federal payroll taxes, so there’s no benefit to you. And if you are paying payroll taxes, that isn’t free money, it has to be repaid, likely when you fill out your 2020 tax return in 2021. As a campaign tactic, Trump has indicated that if he is reelected, he’ll make the moratorium permanent for that time period, meaning that then it will be free money. But if Trump loses in November, it would make a final, fitting fuck you! to his supporters, along with anybody else with a job.

So there you have it, Trumpjango unhinged. In 24 hours, Trump has not only managed to make himself look even more out of touch and delusional, he also touted and signed four executive orders that, even if they pass constitutional muster and are allowed to go into effect, will not benefit the majority of people that Trump just touted them to. And whether they watch or believe the liberal media or not, when they start trying to cash in on these goodies, they’ll find out real quick, one way or the other. And sadly. for most of them, it will be the other.

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Trumpjango Unbrained.


Nahh – he had to actually HAVE a brain first

p j evans

I read that all except the unemployment thing are memoranda, so even less than EOs. And he’s going to need *the House* to approve the spending….


So he was lying…shocker.

Carroll Ann Robinson

Yep, been wondering how this thing was supposed to work given that he does not have the power of the purse. Only Congress does. And I’m thinking the Supreme Court won’t give the pass it did when he “took” Defense appropriated money and used it on his wall. This is a ton of money. A ton of it. But then, maybe I’m wrong. We shall see whether or not Kavanaugh and Gorsuch hop on board the crazy imperial presidency train too.


Kavanaugh and Gorsuch doing that at this late date with a new administration possibly, even probably months away? Nothing I’d call a sure bet…unless they WANT to test their luck on being the first impeached Supreme Court justices.


Murf originally wrote “while these people are getting ready to find out what boxed macaroni and cheese tastes like without the milk and butter.” I think he should’ve written “while these people are getting ready to find out what boxed macaroni and cheese tastes like without the milk and butter and deciding if they want to save the macaroni or the cheese for tomorrow.”


cheack my site…