Poor God, he’s under attack by Joe Biden. That’s the bad news. But the good news is that He’s thanking Himself profusely that he has Donald Trump on board to help him through these difficulties. Trump is the perfect one to advise the Almighty, because Art Of The Deal, Trump informed us back in the day, was second only to the Bible. So it all makes sense, you see, one book about God and one about Trump and Trump will advise God now.

Comedian J-L Cauvin does it again with another uncanny voice impersonation. And the characterization is as stellar and spot on as the voice. This is the Voice of Trump.


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8 Comments on "Donald Trump To Give Bible Studies So Joe Biden Will Play Nice and Stop Hurting God"

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Tin woman1

Yes, bad Joe! No matter what errors Joe may make with his verbiage, *rump is worse X10 (or more)

Denis Elliott

I needed a good laugh. The book of “job” part was awesome.

Meg Corrigan

If this was just audio, the MAGats could absolutely believe it was tRump!

dana fairfield

What I realized from J-L Cauvin is that although Trump sounds like random stream of consciousness, his utterings actually have a discernible pattern, organization and flow. This guy nails it.