Don’t Sweat Election Night And Results Just Yet


You know what? We really need to stop. chasing. every. single. shiny. object! Look, let’s be clear here. Trump isn’t talking to us! He’s talking to his idiot base, trying to stir up a preemptive strike full of reasons why the election won’t be settled on election night. And the reason is that massive numbers of mail in, fraudulent ballots will take weeks or months to count, leading to a deadlock.

Let me ask you, since when do we listen to Trump? And yet, every network is busy deep diving the potential difficulties of the increase in mail in balloting. and half of the country are beating themselves with birch branches, and cursing those damn vapors!  Everybody is running around treating this drivel as if it was written down on stone tablets lugged down the mountain by Moses himself.

But you know who isn’t having coronary kittens over this hysterical shit? The Secretaries of State, that’s who. First of all, let’s just remember that almost every state in the country has some form of absentee or mail in balloting. Anything from excuse request based absentee ballots to no reason absentee ballots, to voter requested mail in ballots to statewide automatic ballot mailing to every registered voter. Almost every SoS has been dealing with absentee and or mail in ballots for years now.

And you know what? Dude, they’re pumped! Lately, since the craze hit, CNN and MSNBC have been interviewing more Secretaries of State, both Democratic and Republican. And they can’t wait! They look at this as a challenge to their administrative abilities, and they’re chock full of options and solutions. The Michigan Secretary of State, is looking forward to using increased federal funding to train new people, to more efficiently process the greater influx of mail in ballots. Iowa’s SoS fought the state run GOP legislature to keep universal early ballot mailing on the docket for November. These people actually care about voting and elections, and they want to answer the bell.

But we actually have a secret ally. If you have your back against the wall, your wish list opponent is a total moron. But when you’re presented with a total, flaming, fucking moron like trump, that’s like a gift from God. Trump’s biggest fault in strategy is his total and complete lack of timing. If Trump were a movie director, he’d drop the surprise ending down right in the middle of the opening credits. The Japanese didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor by flying in at 18,000 feet, but Try telling Trump that.

Trump’s whole shtick is that the enormous overload of mail in ballots will delay the reporting of the final results from critical states for weeks, if not months. The time to make that accusation is the day before the election, not 95 days before. Because when you pull that lame shit, you give people plenty of time to find a way to deal with the problem. And steal all of your thunder. But that’s what Trump did, and the reaction to his dire threats are already coming to light, and not to his benefit.

Here’s what Trump is talking about. In a lot of the states that I could research while my eyes held up, when it comes to early voting, state rules prohibit either early voting live ballots, or returned early voting absentee ballots from beginning to be counted until either 7 AM on election day, or once the polls close in that state. The reason being to avoid having leaks about early voting results affect election day voting. Obviously it would be impossible under those conditions to fully count millions of mail in and early voting ballots in time to give a conclusive state result on election night. That’s the crux of Trump’s argument.

Stand up and take a bow, fool. Last week the state of California announced that it will allow the counting of early mail in ballots 28 days before election day. Under tight security. And late last week I heard that Texas Governor Abbot had signed off on a plan to allow Texas Board of Elections sites to start counting early and mail in ballots 14 days prior to election day. And they’re going to be just the tip of the iceberg.

These Secretaries of State want this to work. They are judged by the smoothness of their elections, and when these officials, both Democratic as well as GOP see record turnouts by mailing out ballots to every voter, they want to keep looking good. And if the sitting President is going to throw shit all over their efforts in advance, well, they have 90 days left to make him eat crow.

Don’t go all Rambo and shit yet. The major states that will actually decide the election, states like North Carolina, Florida, Texas, Ohio, and Arizona have all been dealing with mail in balloting for years. Especially if they can get an early start, if the same day election voting is lop sided in a state, with a large enough portion of early votes being counted by election day, news services are going to be able to use those figures to extrapolate forward how the balance of the uncounted vote will go. Trump isn’t going to get the mass hysteria around the election that he’s predicting. There are too many people out to make sure he fails, including voters, who can make it official on election night, in big enough numbers.

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Cherl Harrell

Thank you for the reality check. Now if we could just get the news media to not take all his nonsense as gospel, wow what a concept!

p j evans

This is the time when the diaries talking about how bad things are start popping up at the mothership. They are not being received well this time around.


The ludicrous conspiracy theories over there, plus attacking every Democrat in sight for not waving a wand and dispatching Trump NOW, are making me think about taking another break.


The magic wand thing has been pissing me off since the start of 2019, Anastasia. Have any of these people figured out that they want folks on our side to be like Trump? Or what a bad idea that is?


As they shouldn’t…nothing is more disgraceful than watching a person exhibit all the bad qualities they usually attribute to their opposite numbers.


Ohio has been counting ballots early for years. I remember in 2008 when I worked for the county library levy, we knew the absentee results before anything else which is how we kew we won and I was free to go to two other election night parties before ending up at a friend’s party at the House of Blues where I was just running down the stairs to the concert hall when they called the election for Obama and the place erupted.

THIS, Murf, exactly this. If I have been crankier lately, it’s because I’m damn tired of people chasing those shiny objects, chasing doomsday scenarios and acting like the only thing that hasn’t changed in the last four years is Trump’s leverage. The BS on mail-in ballots is just the latest in a year’s worth of failed gambits that will once again leave the Not-So-Great Pumpkin in a worse position than where he started. Yes, yes, 2016 was a disaster that we never saw coming. But goddamn, people, this kind of fearful thinking is what Republicans of the Trump cult do.… Read more »
Carroll Ann Robinson
Yep. You bet. Not a pretty sight all this clutching of pearls and deep sighing and what-ifs. I know his election shocked the hell out of us, at least until we gave it some thought and then it somewhat made sense he’d win–the Russians, Comey’s October surprise, too many other things to lay out here, but this time around we are far wiser. And as you say, we are now on to him–his leverage has melted away. Folks in greater and greater numbers seem to be recognizing him for what he really is, even if they are embarrassed by their… Read more »

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Scott Jackson

Having run psychiatric admissions, I think it’s important that people understand that one of the defense mechanisms narcissism uses to justify behavior is projection. Everything Trump accuses others of doing, he has already done, is doing, or is planning to do. Good way to keep track.