Donald Trump is the pushmi pullyou of politics. He doesn’t know if he’s coming or going. His “message,” if there is one, is dependent upon the impulse of the moment. While Kayleigh McEnany was at the podium decrying the horrors of mail-in voting and using the recent New York City primary as an example, Trump was at the tweet box giving his blessing to mail-in voting — in Florida only. And he told a whopper. This is one of his best. If you’ve never seen a G-force pivot before, this is it. I’ll bet the astronauts will be impressed with this one.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Ain’t it grand? The mail-in voting system is “fraudulent” and “rigged” we were told, but now it is “Safe and Secure, Tried and True.” And what hath wrought this pivot of biblical proportions, you ask? Well, a couple of things: First, Joe Biden is ahead six points in Florida and second, many more Democrats than Republicans are using mail-in ballots, because Trump’s idiocy has had the effect of disenfranchising his base.

The combination of those two factors raises the specter of a truly horrifying reality, namely that Trump could lose Florida. That is horrifying for the simple fact that without Florida, Trump.Cannot.Win. He has no path to electoral victory without Florida — at least insofar as the electoral projections are currently constructed. If some states now safely in the blue column suddenly do a 180, say if Illinois votes red, then he might be able to calculate a win without Florida, but what are the chances of that?

Trump is clearly on the ropes, if he’s abandoned his main talking point — at least in Florida. So far, he has only stated that things are “Safe and Secure” in Florida, because he “cleaned up” the system and foiled “attempts at change” by Democrats there, and we don’t know about other places. It could be that a series of these tweets will come out for one state at a time, who knows?  Trump is flailing like a fish at the bottom of the boat in these, his last days, so it’s anybody’s guess what he’ll do next.

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5 Comments on "No Chaos Here, Trump Now Encourages Mail-In Voting In Florida, While McEnany Rails Against It In NYC"

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Mail-in voting in red states? Awesome sauce!
Mail-in voting in blue states? Disaster!
Not difficult to figure out.


Too late…the first message was likely the only one that got through. Expect GOP voters to sit this one out in numbers their party doesn’t need.


What about a certauin person who claims residence at Mar a Lago despite the fact that he’s only allowed to be resident for 3 non-consecutive 7 day periods claiming that he’s entitled to an absentee ballot?