The Trump campaign is floundering, because it can’t find a message, which is a chilling indictment for any campaign, much less a presidential one, and let alone 90 days out from Election Day. Trump has been hitting the law and order turf pretty hard and that simply has not been working out well. His classic fear mongering clip “Break In” is gone now. Political scientist Rachel Bitecofer says the Trump campaign is “going to retool because it’s obviously not working, is it’s about trying to — it’s really out of date. And it’s trying to convince people that, you know, racial minorities are coming to disrupt their peaceful suburban lifestyle and hedge off of that suburban loss. It’s a total misread of, like, what the mentality of what the suburban, college-educated voters are about.”

Now here’s what they’re replacing it with, apparently. This is a howler. This is 1:48 seconds of Trump touting his China restriction decision in March, the one and only proactive thing that he did — and as you recall, he only did that, because when he said he was going to close off the Mexican border to contain the virus, people stared in disbelief. At that time Italy, China, and South Korea had the most cases, and Latin American countries and Mexico had practically none.

If you listen to the commentary after the clip, Trump banned “some travel from China after people had already come back from China,” which is how it happened. Also, Joe Biden pointed out that banning travel was not a solution and said we needed a plan to deal with the virus. We did and we still do. But the Trump campaign ridiculously harps on this miniscule issue. They ought to give it up, it only makes them look bad. Also, finally, I would love some reporter to ask Trump why, when he knew about COVID-19 last November, he finally got around to doing something proactive in March.

But look for more of the same as Trump desperately tries to find an emotional trigger he can pull. Remember, this guy is a political shock jock. He’s got no ideas and no policy. He has to find a raw nerve and twinge it, that’s all he’s got. That’s all he’s ever had. Apparently, he’s the only one in America that doesn’t know that we are now numb and he’s made us this way. And even if he found a nerve, nobody believes him anymore. He betrayed his followers and only the most stupid and unreachable are sticking by him. A lot of the others have woken up and are jumping ship.

This is not 2016, when this act was fresh and unseen before on the political stage — except for the warm up act of Joe McCarthy in the 50’s. This is 2020, and we’ve seen far too much of this tragi-farce. On November 3, America gets the hook and bye bye Trump.


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Tin woman1

He is so desperate.


He’s done and the honorable thing to do would be to fall on his sword to limit the damage to “his party”. But Trump gotta Trump so look for him to drag them all down with him. And to paraphrase Leningrad Lindsey, they’ll deserve it.

Scott Jackson

The earliest known religions of the world state this is a struggle between light & darkness. This theme runs through them all. You either strive in one direction or the other. I think, by now, we know which is presently running the country. Time to pick up our collective cross & carry on to the light! We shall overcome!!!

Denis Elliott
There was an ad about Biden defunding the police so a “don’t bother calling 911 because you and your family will be dead when the police respond in a week – if they ever do” ad running in NC now and then. I haven’t seen it in a little while but this weekend I saw a re-vamped version of it. IOW Trump hasn’t abandoned it. And yes, it had the “I’m Donald Trump and I approved this message” tag at the end. So, they haven’t abandoned this particular line of attack in this particular swing state.
p j evans

In some areas, people don’t bother, because unless it’s a shooting, the cops don’t really care. They’ll go to business alarms, they’ll go to major traffic accidents, but otherwise they aren’t involved in the communities they supposedly serve.


It’s in MN too


Proud TYT member and regular viewer. Thanks for featuring TDR clip, as usual Johnny Pie nailed it.

Ilene Proctor

Trump can’t win because his real enemy is The People