It’s amazing how fast the Lincoln Project cranks out quality material. It’s gratifying, because they don’t lose momentum. They stay with the story, in real time. This is their response to Donald Trump’s fascistic suggestion Thursday of delaying the election that he can’t win. If we delay it until he can win it, we can all watch the sun go nova.

I love that last image of the Statue of Liberty, followed by Trump limping off Marine One, post Waterloo Tulsa.

If you missed their piece on that debacle, here it is again. This remains one of my favorites.

Trump is making a complete ass of himself again today, as usual, talking about children having immunity to COVID-19 and other fallacies, so there will be plenty more great videos to come, I have no doubt. God knows there is no lack of material. Plus the bombshell on Kushner derailing the national coronavirus testing program is just starting to hit everybody. That will probably end up in an ad as well.

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Cherl Harrell

I bet nobody is suing the Lincoln Project for the use of their music, either.