Trump’s “Suburban Housewife” strategy Is As Dumb As He Is


Reality. What a concept   Robin Williams

God, I am loving this campaign! Have you seen Trump’s tweet to “suburban housewives, and the addle pated television ad that came after it? Trump is trying to scare suburban, white mothers with the threat of hordes of nasty minorities spilling into suburbia to pester them. This is what happens when an old guy in his 70’s sticks his head up his ass so far in the past that he thinks that Mad Men is a documentary.

Yes, Trump got his head handed to him in 2018 in the suburbs, and yes, there are a lot of white women in the suburbs. But lots of them are college educated white women, which means that they are used to eating with, studying with, working out with, and chilling with minorities. This tactic is not going to work. But there’s an even more delicious reason why it is doomed to failure.

The word is gentrification. Over the last decade, as companies have moved into city center locations, chasing lower building costs, convenient transportation, and tax abatement’s, they bring in a whole army of younger, better educated, more upwardly mobile employees with them. When this happens, real estate developers, you know, like Trump claims to be?, swoop into poorer neighborhoods, looking for more historically eye pleasing properties that they can buy on the cheap, empty of the minorities living in them, rehab and rent or sell at a profit to the newcomers.

So what happens to the minorities that used to lice in the underappreciated housing in the city center? Why they move out to the suburbs, of course. They look for more affordable housing, in neighborhoods better than the ones that they got priced out of, yet still be able to use mass transport or drive to their jobs in the city.

Are you seeing the hidden beauty of this? Rich real estate pricks like Donald Trump have forced minorities out of their previously affordable city center housing, in order to make a shit load of money off of upwardly mobile employees moving in. And those minorities have moved out to the suburbs, liking for more affordable housing and better living conditions than what they left behind. The same suburbs that Donald Trump is now trying to scare the shit out of with the specter of masses of minorities moving in among them. I swear, some days this shit just writes itself!

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6 Comments on "Trump’s “Suburban Housewife” strategy Is As Dumb As He Is"

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p j evans

Minorities with jobs that pay enough to afford real estate will move to the suburbs. Or they’ll buy what they can afford closer to where they work.


It’s further proof of Trump’s mental decline, really, assuming those 20th Century conditions still apply. I remain struck by how Uncle Joe and Peesident-In-All-But-Name Pelosi are both older than him and yet more aware.


Well, you know, when you’re not surrounded by nothing but “yes-men” and “anything-you-want-men,” you’re more likely to keep your wits honed.

Cherl Harrell

I think his brain never developed in the first place, then atrophied from lack of use.


Mary Trump no doubt would agree, even if she used more clinical terms.


True that, Joseph. It also helps to never be protected from any and all consequences of your mistakes for five decades.