Tick, Tock, Tick…


I can feel it, coming in the air tonight. Oh Lawd   Phil Collins   In the air tonight

This is going to be ugly. like when you get just that whiff of leaves, grass, and dust in the wind, and you know the storm is coming. It’s coming, and when it gets here, it’s not going to be pretty.

As Phil Collins said, I can literally smell it coming in the air. I’ve been following more years than I want to recount, and I can tell you right now, Mt Saint Trump is getting ready to blow. When he does, it is going to resonate. I give him until the weekend, Monday at the latest.

Like a volcanic done, Trump is under too much pressure. Trump had to start the week in a daily coronavirus briefing by announcing that his much celebrated mass gathering acceptance speech in Jacksonville, Florida was being called off. This was a bitter pill for Trump to swallow. Worse yet, he has been ordered to push the wearing of masks, and the use of social distancing, and staying away from crowded bars, all of which are anathema to Trump, who wants everything open for business, and fuck the coronavirus. And now, today, the news that the federal thugs he sent to Portland will be withdrawing.

Trump is already acting out. He has doubled back on the use of masks and social distancing, once again making it a method of personal choice. He is railing even more strongly against peaceful protesters, calling them agitators and anarchists. He quadrupled down on the healing qualities of hydroxychloroquine, despite his own FDA disqualifying it as an emergency tool for treating the coronavirus. And he doubled down on the crazy lady doctor that uses alien SNA and demon semen to treat patients, making Maryanne Williamson look like the pinnacle of sweet reason.

Trump is in a pressure cooker, but this one doesn’t have a stopcock at the top, it’s solid steel. Trump is getting hammered in the polls, not only nationally, but in the battleground states, including some states that shouldn’t be one. He is getting hammered on Russia offering a bounty on American soldiers heads, and the coronavirus just won’t go away. Trump is trapped in a contraption of his own making.

Trump can’t help himself, he’s going to blow. And when he does, it’s going to be viscous. I don’t know what he’s going to blow about, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he went off on multiple complaints. But whatever rabid spew of lave he rains out, it will come down on top of the vulnerable GOP Senate caucus members beneath him.
And he doesn’t give a shit.

This is what happens when you have the ultimate petulant 4 year old wandering around the White House thinking he’s running the country. But one nice byproduct. By shoving the DHSS Gestapo oot of Portland, the mayor and governor have given a blueprint to other states and cities on how to rid themselves of these pests. Which will only piss him off even more. Don’t touch that dial.

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Tin woman1

Yes, it’s bad. I don’t know the timing but I know it’s coming.

Andrew S

Spell check!


Eff off…my man Murf has glaucoma.


As should come as no surprise from my being a Stones aficionado, I’m hearing the opening chords of “Gimme Shelter” here to describe the feeling.

Cherl Harrell

Yep, it sucks to be him. Hopefully it will continue to suck more and more as time goes on.


To quote a song from one of my favorite games, “Oh, it’s bad luck to be you,/The prophecy is never coming true. When your life has run amuck/You will find out you’re the schmuck/Oh, it’s bad luck to be,/really bad luck to be,/It’s a freaking guarantee,/It’s bad luck to be you!’


If we were honest we knew it was going to get worse. So we knew that storm was in front of us so we were getting ready and so glad we have the voices and good vision to get us through this, the cleanup will take all of as I people to rebuilt our country and it will be unifying to all of us to begin the journey in our souls we always we were the ones we’ve been waiting for.


Indeed, this is no more or less than I was expecting minus the Coronavirus. The GOP, on the other hand…

Carroll Ann Robinson
Have to agree with you. The meltdown is coming. Imminently in my opinion. My reasoning? Anyone see how dissolute and frazzled he looked during his interview with Jonathan Swan of Axios? He was irrational, sputtering, spewing half sentences and all of them littered with flat-out lies. And then he was “teaching” us about Afghanistan–except that he didn’t know his history so he looked and sounded like an idiot. Or, well, even more of an idiot. As Bob Marley said, “Ya gots to know ya history,” particularly if you are going to try to beat folks over the head with it.… Read more »

You are continuing to misstate the position of the “doctor” on demon sperm. She thinks it causes disease, not cures it. Female disease, that is. Because men are pure and never get up to such stuff in their dreams? She thinks other doctors are using alien DNA in treatments, demonstrating her inability to distinguish between the Marvel universe and the real world. And she says doctors are looking for a vaccine to keep people from being religious. [If she is the poster child for religiosity, such a vaccine would be a great public service.]