Former GOP Presidential Candidate Herman Cain Dead Of Covid-19


Donald Trump likes to demand total and utter loyalty from all those who surround him. Former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain wasn’t even one of Trump’s men. But he paid the ultimate price of loyalty anyway. Weeks after ostentatiously seating himself in the most crowded part of Trump’s Tulsa rally, packed in tight and wearing no mask, Cain checked into the hospital having tested positive for the coronavirus. He never checked out, dying this morning from the virus at age 73.

Cain, a charismatic businessman who founded the Godfather’s Pizza chain, cut a flamboyant figure on the national stage when he ran for President in 2012 in the GOP primaries. He was best remembered for his ridiculous 9-9-9 tax plan, which he carried in his pocket on a file card to demonstrate its simplicity, and for replying to a reporter’s question on foreign leaders by saying, No, I don’t know who the leader of Uzbeckibeckistanstan is. That’s why Presidents have staff.  Cain briefly led the GOP pack before falling back, and then falling out amid sexual harassment allegations.

Trump seemed to have a soft spot for Cain, maybe appreciating Cain’s flamboyant public persona, and tried to slot him into the administration a couple of times, including a post in the Federal Reserve, but couldn’t pull him across the finish line. And apparently, Cain continued to friendly with Trump, friendly enough to risk his life by attending the Tulsa rally, a bet he sadly lost.

I keep thinking that just maybe Cain’s death will be a wake up call for the ignoramuses in the GOP. After all, Cain wasn’t some regular Joe in the street, or a liberal entertainer, he was a well recognized GOP figure. But I ain’t holding my breath. Cain played fast and loose with science and medicine, and it cost him. But I don’t see his passing as giving mental midgets like Matt Gaetz, Jim Jordan, or Louie Gohmert pause. Especially since, after testing positive for Covid-19, Gohmert blamed wearing a mask for contracting the disease.

But there is still one thing about this that interests me, and that I’ll be watching for. I’m, waiting to see how much more fawning and effusive in his praise Trump is for a dead pizza magnate than for a civil rights icon. Especially on the day that John Lewis is being laid to rest. As Rachel would say, Watch this space.

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p j evans

and after that rally, Cain went to Arizona, which still has a lot of virus cases.

Trump just squeaks into another leak in our Oxygen supply long enough to punch another spadeful of Mother Earth on to that reserved pile to cover up what’s left of him, about the second week in November, 2020 … This certainly WILL be a date to remember, the famous vote result, battered by the failed and rabid GOP in the first week of November, 2020 … several dumb-ass attempts already to mess with vote-by-mail, a system proved to work so smoothly here in Iowa and other states …. Trump has already saturated everything in His term that is burnable with… Read more »

How can he be killed by a hoax?

Carroll Ann Robinson

Almost the first thing I thought of when I heard this news was oh crap, maybe some of these crazies will become afraid, start to wear masks, social distance, talk and walk the science tropes. I’d like them to wait until, oh, say October before this sort of self-preservation sets in. And then I thought, really? It will take more than one death of a Trumpite to convince these folks to follow basic science and commonsense.


Mean-spirited but very much fact-based, that post. And yeah, they’re doomed by their own arrogance already.

Carroll Ann Robinson
Not in agreement that having observed these folks now for as long as you have anything mean spirited is present. Fact based is by its nature not mean or good or great or positive or negative. It’s just based on observation Bareshark. These folks of whom we write are by observation so intent on cutting off their own noses to spite their faces that it staggers the logical mind to try to figure this crap out. Just one bit of news to illustrate: The businessman, who made an unsuccessful presidential bid in 2011, wrote: ‘Masks will not be mandatory at… Read more »