Yeah,THAT Should Tie Things Up Nicely


Oh, I’m so glad that I got up this morning. No vitamin, got my daily dose of irony right from the horses ass. Coronavirus is turning Texas into Thunderdome, so where else would Emperor Numbus Nuttus go for a fund raising luncheon? Texas is full of sick people, so why not cram a bunch of them into a banquet hall for lunch, with  no  masks or social distancing? $25k for lunch, $50k if you want to get crammed into a photo with his fat ass, and $100k to sit at a table and listen to him suck his teeth for an hour. Oh yeah, and he doubled down on the crazy doctor lady who uses alien DNA, and demon semen to treat people. And y’all gave Charlie Sheen a ration of shit over Tiger’s Milk or whatever it was.

But into the life of every tinhorn despot a little rain must fall. A few days ago Trump stoically announced the sad passing of his Jacksonville convention. But in speaking to reporters yesterday at his briefing, Trump announced that he would be making his acceptance speech on Thursday of convention week. When pressed for details, Trump simply said they would be announced soon.

This is going to be a major problem for the campaign. Because the one thing Trump truly wants, a mass gathering with tens of thousands of drooling morons pretending the Beatles just reunited, is the one thing he can’t have. And if Trump can’t have that, then the results are predetermined. It doesn’t matter where they put him, or what he says, it’s a disaster. Behind the podium in the briefing room, the Resolute Desk in the Oval Office, or in his BVD’s in the residence, the effect is all the same. Trump is a nightmare in front of a teleprompter.

Trump is not a natural speaker, he’s a natural bully. And when you put him in a controlled setting, with a script, he fumbles and mispronounces words, and his speech has no natural rhythm. But when he goes off script, he becomes, loud, aggressive, and incoherent. The backdrop and words are unimportant, nobody is going to be energized by his acceptance speech under controlled circumstances.

I said it months ago. Trump literally torpedoed his own reelection when he let the virus deteriorate to where it made his mass rallies impossible. Trump is a shared experience, like going to a midnight run of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. He tried using the daily briefings as a substitute, but without the sensory input of a crowd, even his supporters thought that they were listening to a Yoko Ono record. Without crowds, Trump just isn’t Trump anymore.

That being said, I’m actually looking forward to seeing Trump’s acceptance speech. Mostly because I’m interested in seeing what kinds of cheap stagecraft the campaign goes through to try to distract the audience from the simple fact that when all is said and done, what they’re really seeing is one ignorant old man making a fool of himself in front of a microphone. Because that’s all it really is.

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Tin woman1

And his traveling companion for the day came down with Covid so there’s that.

p j evans

And had a close conversation with Billy the bully yesterday. They’re testing Billy today, but he should be in quarantine for the next two week. (Bet he won’t, though.)

Denis Elliott
Nothing can replace (for Trump) the energy he gets from a huge crowd screaming their heads off. Sadly, I can think of what they could do that would partially energize him, and even provide a bit of a “visual” for the teevee audience. Like I said, nothing could quite replace the real thing but they just might be able to produce a “feel” for him to get him amped up and if they do the camera work right it might be just good enough to get the MAGA crowd watching from the safety of their homes all worked up. I… Read more »

No need, Denis. If the idea is good enough, it’s a mortal lock that they’ll never think of it.


The most you can say about Charlie Sheen is that the only person he hurt most was himself…repeatedly. Trump? He makes EVERYONE suffer out of sheer ego and malice. I keep comparing this phase of his “presidency” to the Stones’ “Midnight Rambler” for the horrors it’s wrought.

Being the biggest sadistic, malignant narcissistic do-wrong in the world is not an easy job, it requires many, almost daily trips to a golf course he owns so he can charge us, the taxpayers high rates for his SS crew we also provide to keep his large ass safe from someone that might actually hate him, can anybody say how long a list of those persons might be? The worst culprit against Trump is himself of course, and with all he knows about the money schemes from Putin and other nefarious actions he is involved with, including his children and… Read more »
Meg Corrigan

You nailed it, Murph! tRump really is “one ignorant old man making a fool of himself.”


Why hasn’t anything been said about the $377 million dollars in the bill for renovations , plus redoing the Rose Garden? We have no money to help the millions of unemployed workers, people not having a place to live soon, mortgages falling behind ( that’s when Steve Mnuchin will step in )
Plus the $1.75 billion for the FBI building, this administration is going to suck the blood out of us before they leave…..SAD


Like a “Yoko Ono record”. I love that!

Jarvis Wellesley

This is a classic, Monsieur Murphy. You got me on The Beatles reunion but really slayed me with the Yoko Ono record. Wonderful that you can wade through all the shit of Everyday In Trumpland & still retain a ferocious sense of humor.