This is stunning. This is a piece of oratory on Jamila Jayapal’s part and it probably will go down in history that way, in the same archive as Roosevelt’s, “December 7, 1941 a day that will live in infamy,” address to Congress. Both commentaries are succinct, pithy, and insightful.

She got it smack perfect, dead on the money right. Woot!

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5 Comments on "WATCH: This Is the High Point Of Bill ‘Lower The’ Barr’s Testimony, When Pramila Jayapal Totally Nails Him"

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Tin woman1

She’s good, for sure.

Denis Elliott

It was almost perfect. I just we’d she’d added “To paraphrase a moment in American history we all know – you’ve proven At long last, you have no sense of decency. Or fairness.”

Scott Jackson

I was stunned he acted so cavalier about his hypocrisy. She nailed his arse to the barn door. Someday he needs his own room in Fed custody.