The Lincoln Project has a $4 Million ad buy in three states and “Trump Stooge” is the one running in Maine. It is a short but stunning indictment of Susan Collins and it compares her most unfavorably to other Maine politicians, notably Margaret Chase Smith. Collins is pathetic on her own, but compared to Smith, she is glaringly weak. It’s a bit like comparing an oak tree to a green sapling.

Nevertheless, the Lincoln Project went there, once again, and here’s their latest. This has earned them the ire of the Republican Senatorial Committee, who has accused the group of being “grifters” in the “service of foreign powers.” Wait. That sounds familiar. And the RNC would object to somebody like that? Since when? I thought that was the description of this vintage of GOP.



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4 Comments on "The Lincoln Project Ad That Has the RNC Shrieking, ‘Trump Stooge’ Starring Susan Collins"

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Scott Jackson

“I just dropped in to see what condition my condition was in.” Kenny Rogers. Gosh, my deep concern is contributing to my worry that I may become, not merely dead, but most sincerely dead.”

Meg Corrigan

Wow! That ad is spot on! I hope she and the rest of tRump’s Merry Band of Griftrrs are GONE in November!

Carroll Ann Robinson

Oh. My. God. This is a brilliant political spot. Thanx for this. Didn’t see it until you posted it. So succinct; so condemnatory; so right on. I’d bet one of my mentors, Professor Jamieson, would be proud of this one.
Interesting too that the Lincoln Project creators of this spot went right at the heart of the New England dislike of weakness and vacillation.