This is a different mood than the other Lincoln Project ads. It shows America at its best and most joyful, when our lives are calm and fruitful. We’ve been robbed of many of these moments by the Trump Virus. It’s not the “Chy-nuh” virus, as the racist in chief calls it, it’s the Trump virus. And that’s how it will be remembered in history, I suspect.

Donald Trump is a fool and a failure. And his folly and ineptitude will spread coronavirus to at least a million Americans. We’ll probably hit that mark, if not by the end of the year, then by early Spring, is my unhappy prediction. What I have found out with predicting the next Trump disaster, is that, if anything, it usually ends up worse than whatever the projection of the moment is.

Trump’s virus has negatively impacted millions of Americans. And he couldn’t care less.

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4 Comments on "Lincoln Project Ad “Memories” Depicts America’s Loss From COVID-19 ‘It Didn’t Have To Happen This Way’"

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p j evans

Himself claims he did everything he could as preznit. He did do a lot – for himself and his colleagues in crime and the 0.01%. For the rest of us – nada, nil, zilch, zip.

Cherl Harrell

Heck yes, it’s the Trump virus and the Trump recession! He owns every bit of it.

gettin too old for this sh!t
gettin too old for this sh!t

He did only FOR himself. The rest of us, he did only TO.

chris whitley

My girlfriend just went through two eleven plus hour surgeries. It was really difficult because when she was coming out of the anesthesia on the first surgery they had her to medicated. I had to talk to the nurse and get them to back off her medication. That’s a memory I won’t soon forget. I was holding her hand and fighting to keep it together. Lives do matter, no matter the color. That was one of the hardest things I ever did was leave her that night. Worried I would get that phone call.