It’s always interesting to see Donald Trump attempt to imitate human emotion, and particularly in this case. Trump conveyed his good wishes to Ghislaine Maxwell, who is accused of heading up an international child rape ring. It’s said that his White House aides were cringing when he did it, and a cringe worthy moment it was, by any standards.

The Lincoln Project hammers the point home in their most recent ad. We need to get Trump out of office before he can pardon Ghislaine Maxwell — as it is rumored that he will. Don’t forget the list of people Trump has wished well: Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, and now Ghislaine Maxwell.

If you’re a political enemy, he accuses you of treason without even knowing the definition of the word. But if you’re a child rapist? No biggy there. Donald Trump wishes you well. Have a nice day in jail. And if you’re convicted? Oh yeah, “Sleep well, you’ve got friends in high places.” Bill Barr will work something out, don’t worry.

No “lock her up” chants for Ghislaine Maxwell. Goes to show you where Trump’s values and priorities truly lie.

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6 Comments on "Lincoln Project Focuses On Trump’s Fondness For Ghislaine Maxwell"

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Gotta wonder how many young “women” Ms Maxwell “acquired” for Donald over the years? (And how many of them she could name in order to make sure Donald pardons her?)

Tin woman1

Reminding us how disgusting he is, always.

Lone Wolf

So when Ivanka was 17, and I’m sure she was already on the ‘books’ as some sort of employee *pfffft* at the Trump Organization… so for tax purposes or rather for tax evasion, when the purported OTHER pedophile was groping and/or possibly molesting his own child…did Maxwell and Epstein get a fee? never mind it’s too creepy???


She either needs a pardon or have an Epstein-esque accident in her detention cell. He can’t have her naming names. Imagine how many folks she can bring down. Not just the tangerine nightmare once out of office, but Creepy Dershowitz and Billy-Jeff Clinton must be having trouble sleeping as well.


Two words, Michael: deadman’s switch. She goes, EVERYTHING she knows comes out. Trump is evil but stupid. Maxwell is only the first part.


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