Trump’s Worst Enemies Are His Best Instincts


In the next 4-5 days, start watching the polls, because it should be interesting. Just a quick look at the current snapshot. As we speak, His Lowness is down anywhere from 10-15 points to Biden in national polling, and not much better off in battleground states. Worse, Biden has almost caught Trump on the subject of the economy, the only thing Trump has to run on. Trump is 20 points underwater on handling the coronavirus, and just about the same as far as race relations. Not a pretty picture 103 days before the election.

It’s about to get a whole lot worse, and dipshit that he is, Trump is doing everything in his power to ensure it. Yesterday, Darth Trumper and Tubby the Ewok went before the cameras to announce that they are surging more hack booted storm troopers to other US cities, since Portland is working out so well.  Remember how these brownshirt thugs came to be in the first place?

A few weeks ago, when the protests over George Floyd’s death were at their apex, it reached an uncomfortable point for Trump, he could actually see them, and they looked pissed. Since the military wouldn’t come and take care of them, Trump had Barr create an extrajudicial force to go kick ass to assuage the Pampers President. Why were the protesters there in the first place? To protest systemic police violence against minorities. So,of course the proper response is police violence against peaceful protesters.

Last night was the Waterloo for Trump’s DHSS. How pathetic are your Gestapo tactics that a bunch of women (I like the name Moms Against Morons) to link arms in front of the protesters to protect their children from the mob. And what to the craven cowards do? Tear gas the moms, of course! All captured on camera.

The killing of George Floyd was a seminal moment because it finally outraged non blacks against the outrages of police violence against minorities. If I’m an African Americn, wearing a Black Lives Matter T shirt, and I see a bunch of non blacks coming to join the protest, I give them my sunniest smile and say, Hey guys! Welcome to our world! after 150 years of this shit, is it any wonder we keep taking to the streets?

After a few rough patches in the early days, police across the country made a conscious decision to back off, and minimize their interactions with protesters, as long as they were peaceful. They didn’t do this because they wanted to, their natural inclination would be to clear the streets. They did this because public sentiment was against them. And it worked. The protesters were free to make their point, and with a few exceptions the cops didn’t come as street corner thugs.

Trump just doesn’t get it. In 2018, Trump lost the House in part because his brutal family separation tactics on the border sent white suburban women, and their spouses running for the hills. And now Trump’s response to rampant police brutality is to create a force engineered to go out and agitate peaceful protesters, so they can beat them down. The world has changed, and dinosaurs like Trump are sinking into the tar. Hopefully, this latest Trump outrage will be enough to ensure that a whole bunch of Senate GOPasaurs sink right into the tar with him.

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How dare you blaspheme the Sith, Murf! 😉 Seriously, though, Trump would fail the Padawan entrance exams, never mind earned the title of Darth. He’s the kind of henchman any self-respecting criminal organization gets rid of quickly and the kind of boss in said organization who gets the Mad Sam Stefano treatment.

Denis Elliott

Trump is a Hutt. One so slimy, disgusting, sleazy and untrustworthy that even Jabba wouldn’t want to have anything to do with him! And Barr is his ambulance chaser style (and also a Hutt) lawyer.


Yeah, Dennis, about the only thing Donald the Hutt is missing is a slave girl in a gold bikini chained to his throne (RIP Carrie Fisher, who knew this fool exactly for who he was and showed slave girls in gold bikinis everywhere the proper treatment of a Hutt).

Denis Elliott

Well, he’s made it clear who he so desperately WANTS to have chained to him in that ridiculous (I never found it sexy) metal bikini. Do I really need to say who?