Stephen Miller is not a well liked guy, including by members of his own family, and it stands to reason. He started selling out their values before he got into government and started selling out ours. Miller’s grandmother recently passed away from COVID-19 and his uncle shared the story on Facebook. Miller found out about it and became incensed, apparently. The White House issued this statement, per Mother Jones:

“This is categorically false, and a disgusting use of so-called journalism when the family deserves privacy to mourn the loss of a loved one. His grandmother did not pass away from COVID. She was diagnosed with COVID in March and passed away in July so that timeline does not add up at all. His grandmother died peacefully in her sleep from old age. I would hope that you would choose not to go down this road.”

Miller’s uncle is David Glosser, the brother of Miller’s mother. He’s a retired neuropsychologist who blames Donald Trump’s “lack of a response” to coronavirus early on for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans who might otherwise have been spared. Who knows how high the death toll will go before all is said and done? Estimates are already at 800,000 dead by the end of the year.

Glosser, a former health professional, posted his mother’s death announcement on a public Facebook page. Responding to the White House statement, he writes in an email, “Keeping the tragic facts about COVID deaths of our countrymen and women, young and old, from the American public serves no purpose other than to obscure the need for a coherent national, scientifically based, public health response to save others from this disease. My mother led a long, satisfying, productive life of family and community service. She had nothing to be ashamed of, and concealing her cause of death to offer ‘privacy’ to me, our family, her hundreds of relatives and friends, does nothing to assuage our regret at her loss.”

Moreover, Ruth Glosser’s death certificate—which her son shared with Mother Jones—lists her cause of death as “respiratory arrest” resulting from “COVID-19.”

Informed that Ruth Glosser’s death certificate cited COVID-19, the White House spokesperson replied, “Again, this is categorically false. She had a mile [sic] case of COVID-19 in March. She was never hospitalized and made a full and quick recovery.”

Denying that the cause of Mrs. Glosser’s death was COVID-19 and insisting she only had a “mild” case of the virus and “made a quick and full recovery” is not only insulting to the attending physicians and to David Glossier, who should know what the woman died of, since they were there; it is consistent with the conspiracy theory among MAGAts that COVID-19 is just the flu. And that it’s being blown up into something larger by the forces of evil. That would seem to be the official White House stance, as it was once the official Fox News stance, that COVID-19 is a “hoax” promulgated solely to derail the efforts of Donald Trump, who was doing a simply splendid job of everything before the Chinese decided to persecute him by “letting it escape,” and then the Democrats got hold of “it.”

Meanwhile, in Texas, triage efforts are being made in the parking lot, deciding who to try to save from the virus and who to let die, because ICU units are overwhelmed and there aren’t as many doctors available, in part because Trump cut off work visas to young doctors in foreign countries. Patients from overwhelmed Arizona are being taken to not as overwhelmed Nevada. America is in a world of hurt and the solution is left up to know nothings in government who sabotage the experts and minimize the crisis. And through it all, the only thing Donald Trump can think about is getting reelected. To that end, he has his DHS head, Chad Wolf, who was a lobbyist before Trump hired him, with zero experience in either law enforcement or the military, send in more troops to scoop Americans off the streets and stuff them into unmarked vans, like in “V for Vendetta.” If this isn’t America’s darkest hour, it’ll do just fine until the real thing comes along.

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Maybe Stephen needs a little family intervention to help him with his lack of truthfulness……seriously, if I heard that he was ill with the virus I wouldn’t shed a tear!



Tin woman1

Granny died of anything BUT covid. That drives me nuts. They died of heart attacks, thrombosis, stroke, kidney failure, a hangnail.
I want to see a relief package that depends on the death count. You would see a lot of death certificates updated in a hurry.

priscianus jr

Doesn’t Stephen Miller know that on a death certificate, the causes (immediate and predisposing or conditional) are filled in by a physician, not a family member?

Meg Corrigan

He is in total denial and full of hate. Doesn’t leave much room in there for reality and common sense, does it?


OMG Looks like Stephen is back to using that spray-on flocking to cover his dome. He should emulate his mentor, Fat Donnie, and just give himself a “swirly” comb-over.


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