BREAKING: Michael Cohen 1, William Barr 0


Well, well, this put a smile on my face. An hour or so ago, a federal district court judge ordered the Trump Department of Selective Justice to turn Michael Cohen loose, and return him to his home to continue his sentence under furlough.

At the center of the issue was an 8 category restriction list that Cohen was presented with to sign when he made a visit to his parole officer. According to Tom Winter at NBC News, seven of the eight restrictions were standard boilerplate. But the top one was a prohibition for Cohen to speak in public, speak to the media, or publish a book of any kind. This was critical since Cohen had made it clear that he was in the final stages of a book that would be published before the election.

The judge was withering in his criticism. He told government prosecutors that he had never seen such a cheap stunt in his 21 years on the bench.  He noted that while the paper Cohen was expected to sign forbade him to publish a book, standard Bureau of Prisons guidelines now only allow an inmate to publish a book, it encourages them to do so! With that in mind, the judge could not find any way that the act was not purely retaliatory in nature.

Basically the judge turned it over to the two sides to thrash it out. The judge pointed out that since an inmate normally didn’t have the ability to speak publicly, or to the media, that shouldn’t be an issue. But one thing he made crystal clear. Michael Cohen is welcome to publish his book any damn time he wants, and there is nothing that the Trump DOJ can do about it.

You know, it’s one thing to be a totally bought and paid for, corrupt Attorney General. But when it becomes obvious that you’re a pathetically incompetent totally bought and paid for, corrupt Attorney General, it begs the question, What was the point? The worlds best negotiator my ass.

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Tin woman1

This is great news. I hope he publishes soon.


Yeah, that one was never going to fly with any judge worthy of their gavel. All Barr has managed is to make another anti-Trump book a guaranteed best seller right when his boss needs it least.


irrespective of the legality of the Barr-fly’s ‘conditions’, it simply forbade him to PUBLISH a book. There was nothing to say he couldn’t WRITE it and publish later.


Too fine… GOOD NEWS… TYPO Murph should be NOT? Bureau of Prisons guidelines now only allow an inmate to publish a book


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