Trump should stop blaming China For The Coronavirus. Here’s Why.


Donald Trump really needs to get his shit together. And since Trump is incapable of even getting the morning paper together, somebody on his staff really needs to clue him in on what reality looks and feels like.

From the start, Trump has tried to cast the Chinese as the evil villains to his Batman. He has called it Kung Flu, and the China virus. He has castigated the Chinese government for letting the virus “escape” to our shores, and in some of his more bellicose previous statements, Trump has stopped one inch short of directly accusing China of directly attacking the United States with a biological agent, just in order to defeat him. As if the long thinking Chinese had ever had a softer patsy.

And Trump has used this martial bullshit to try to make himself appear tougher. Trump has repeatedly used the coronavirus as an excuse to promote himself to the position of a wartime President, marshaling all of the forces at his disposal to defeat this insidious enemy. Sounds good, if you’re 6 years old. The problem is that when you try to hype yourself that way, you beg a natural comparison. You wanna be a wartime president shit-for-brains? Fine, you’re a wartime president!

Forget the coronavirus. Instead, the Chinese had secretly smuggled hundreds, if not thousands of soldiers into the United States. Melting into the Chinatown’s of Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, and New York. And they secretly go out and kill American citizens to spread panic and fear.  But all it would take is one dead or captured Chinese soldier for the lid to come off of the can of worms. And then what happens?

What happens? You become an actual wartime president, and no turning back. Every force available will be turned on finding and eliminating every enemy agent in the country. The Joint Chiefs of Staff will be in your office, with punitive plans for retaliatory strikes, demanding answers and approval. You, and you alone would be responsible for decisions that would bring death to thousands of people, many of them your own citizens. Welcome to the real world.

So, with that in m mind, what did we hear today from the 21st century’s FDR? As I speak, we are working on a strong response to the coronavirus. This plan will be a strong plan, and we will wipe out this insidious virus once and for all and take our country back.

What? Wait a minute mushroom dick, what have you been doing for the last six months?!? Of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs brought you a Chinese prisoner on day 4, you think the military or the country would wait six fucking months to get your shit together? The peasants, , I mean the citizens would storm the gates of the White House, and the military would blow the locks for them! You keep calling yourself a wartime president, so tell us, exactly what have you been doing to fight this enemy for the last six months?

God, I am so fucking sick of Donald J Trump. I’m sick of his fat, puffy spray tan face, I’m sick of his whiny, petulant complaining voice, I’m really sick of his cheap, off the rack, baggy pants Catskills resort comic’s pants. But I’m most sick of the fact that there isn’t a fucking thing that we can do about it. 104 days until the election. 104 days until we begin to restore some form of sanity to this country. If that isn’t enough to motivate you to get out and vote, and more importantly, to get every living person you’ve ever known out to vote. Then I honestly don’t know what will be. Peace out.

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good day


Why has no one commented on Trump wishing G Maxwell well in his press-conference?


Or why no-one asked him anything about Putin’s bounty on US troops?

Or is that scandal too old now, it’s been a few weeks.


Oh, my man Hoarse Whisperer and Palmer Report certainly have, Blue. Still, DOES need a signal boost, doesn’t it?

p j evans

I’ve seen quite a few – on Twitter.

“From the start, Trump has tried to cast the Chinese as the evil villains to his Batman.” The funny thing about that is that the Batman actually respects most of his villains to some degree. While he obviously doesn’t respect their tactics or their goals, he is willing to respect their abilities and tries, in most cases, to get them to realize they *could* be doing with those abilities. And the most dangerous ones are the ones he gives the greatest respect to: He knows there’s no way of reasoning with the Joker but, like with a cobra or a… Read more »


Manuel Rivera

Haha…Joseph, you went right in. No pulling punches. You beat him down like a “dog”. Why beat around the bush when it’s right in your face. Like it or not, that’s reality. Have a great day.

Scott Jackson

Me2 Joe. Heard an analysis today that compared us to S.Korea, since 1/20/20 both countries had their first confirmed case. Allowing for a mathematical adjustment to equalize numbers relative to population size, we would presently have 89,000 cases instead of 4million. We would have 2,000 deaths instead of 144,000. Clearly, this is his responsibility. Trump has to top US serial killers. So I guess he’s #1 afterall, goddamn him.

Robert Burnett

Trump can’t get his sht together because he’s so full of crap there’s no room for brains.

Seán O'Brien
Two things: One, when the coronavirus first showed up in the US, the Tangerine Traitor Tot still had his head so far up Xi’s butt that he was pooping won ton soup. Along with it’ll disappear like magic and 15 cases will be zero in a week, he couldn’t say enough good things about China. It wasn’t until he got a dim inkling that A) Everything he’d done about the problem had not accomplished squat B) Tens of thousands of US citizens were dead and more to come, and there wasn’t a damn thing he could do about it C)… Read more »