The House GOP’s Warning Shot


Alright motherstickers, this is a fuck up!   Trump 2020 campaign slogan

Man, oh man. You know the score is out of hand when the other team puts the water boy in the line up. Ted Yoho the human finger puppet from Florida, who obviously woke up on the wrong side of the sofa, took a couple of cheap shots at fellow congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. So, Kamikazi Yahoo hopped into his little plane, and took deadly aim at the USS AOC, proving by his fiery self destruction what a faithful foot soldier he is. That’s all this was, a last ditch attempt to hijack a news cycle to keep the heat off of Glorious Bleater.

But the House GOP pulled another stint that was much more important to current events. Once again, it involves then eating their young, and you know how I love it when they eat their young! For some arcane and yet unexplained reason, GOP House troll Liz Cheney decided to pop out of her hole and announce her support for Dr Anthony Fauci, his expertise, his experience, and his leadership. The reaction from the GOP minority was swift and fierce. Cheney was thoroughly trashed, and her leadership position in the House GOP threatened.

The GOP’s response was a Trident nuclear missile across the bow. No, not Liz Cheney’s bow, nobody gives a shit about her. This was a warning shot across the bow of what the House GOP now sees as their most serious enemy.

Let me explain. As His Lowness continues to sink into the mire, more and more GOP incumbents, like groundhogs, have started popping their head up to say shit while waiting to see if they’ll be hate tweeted. And a lot of those are vulnerable GOP Senate incumbents, desperately trying to put a couple of coats of paint worth of distance between themselves and Trump. The House GOP’s response to Cheney was a thinly veiled, clearly laid warning to the Senate GOP to watch their step.

Whether Trump chooses to respond or not, his faithful army of weasels in the House have made it clear that they are ready to pounce and ravage any GOP incumbent who dares to deviate from the pure faith. They have nothing to lose, they all feel safe and secure in their gerrymandered districts, and like their leader, couldn’t give a shit less about anybody else. It will be interesting to see what happens, but the GOP Senate has been warned.

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Denis Elliott
For me the lesson in all this comes from your comment about these assholes in safely gerrymandered seats. And the lesson is that as wonderful as it felt to kick ass in 2018 we can’t let up. Not for a single election cycle and we don’t need to repeat 2018 this fall and again in 2022. We need to EXCEED it. All the way down the ballot. Redistricting is on the ballot this fall and given the inevitable court fights the GOP will mount to hold on to the advantage they built starting in 2010 (because too many on our… Read more »
Scott Jackson

True & know the history & the candidates. Research b4 u hand power to anyone.

Scott Jackson
I have called my senators offices speaking truth to their treason( Tillis & burr), that the snowflakes that answer their phones have reported me to the capital police & the fbi. I’ve talked to both, & my sense is they support my positions as they are based on facts, & they aren’t eager to take on a vet from a family with multiple vets that fought in WW2, KOREA, & Vietnam. Time for citizens to stop being sheep & speak up. After all, all of you are fine sleeping in your own beds while one percent of us serve, &… Read more »
The pinball effect has started, one well-known stupid after another in the house hit on someone else for something they may have had a very good reason to do, never part of the beginning show .. knee-jerks are everywhere, DJT the totally stupid, (bestest stupid ever), has just started to slow down to a half dozen stupids every day, some are downright REALLY stupid trying to make Barr’s troops, (illegal in every way) become a general application team instead of hooked to the security of a federal building, going into Chicago to shoot anything that moves … THAT HAS TO… Read more »

So now it’s verboten to support someone who still f’ing WORKS in the Trump administration, merely because Trump has soured on him? The Repugs have descended into a whole new level of craziness.