Paradoxically, Donald Trump touts himself as the law and order president — yet all his cronies end up going to jail. It would be comical, if it wasn’t so horrific and if it didn’t say so much about the corruption of this administration.

The Lincoln Project strikes again, with a new ad, “Crooks,” which illustrates the point that Donald Trump is surrounded by felons, including the one whose sentence he commuted Friday, Roger Stone.

One day, I believe Donald Trump will have the title “convicted felon” attached to his name as well. But for the moment, enjoy the latest in Trump truth nuggets, from the Lincoln Project.


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9 Comments on "‘It’s A Billion Dollar Criminal Enterprise’ New Lincoln Project Ad, ‘Crooks’"

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Tin woman1

This is a good one too.


As I was just saying to Mom, this has to be the easiest campaign either the Lincoln Project mavens or Uncle Joe has ever worked on. Trump makes it comically easy.

Bryan W
No. Alas I couldn’t disagree with you more Bare-ster and that’s unusual because I almost always agree with you. But here’s WHY you are dead-ass wrong. You’re wrong because nearly 60 million Americans have either infinite stupidity (huh? I don’t see all these people dying. It’s a hoax. They’re hiding with Elvis somewhere) or infinite racism (abortion is WRONG because I believe in family values, unless its for black or brown people in which case arrest them at the border and separate their children from them forever for daring to want to live in MY country). Trump is a GOD… Read more »

Impeached, loser of the popular vote, and future felon, Dimwit Donny.


“I am the law and order candidate” – translation: “If I order it, it’s the law”

chris whitley

No, I am the law! Forget the rest. Sylvester Stallone in judges cop movie.


Yes Bryan W, trump has his cult. But that still leaves almost 270 million Americans. As a Canadian I am putting my faith in the American people.
They will rise up and bring law and order and banish trump from his kingdom. There just can’t be that many idiots.


Great Ad …..


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