If The Economy Is Trump’s Last Hope, He Personally Is Killing It.


Two wrongs don’t make a right, but two Wrights made an airplane

I’m not going to write 5000 words on how stupid Trump is. I’m in a pretty good Sunday mood, and you guys don’rt want to read that shit anyway. Just one short comparison to set up the point of the article.

When the coronavirus hit, it was an equal opportunity destroyer. It hit everybody pretty much equally hard. And from Asia to Europe, from most of Latin America to Australia, leaders and governments treated it as it was, an existential health crisis. They locked down, and they locked down hard. And they stayed locked down until the science told them they could start to reopen. And when they did so, they once again followed the science, and now they’re free to even travel within their little enclaves.

Trump never understood a global pandemic any more than he understands kindness and empathy. Trump always saw the pandemic as a political messaging problem, and since he didn’t understand it, it was of course a hoax! It only became real for Trump when so many governors locked down their states that it tanked his sole electoral selling point for a second term, the economy. And even then, his response wasn’t to deal with the health crisis, it was to reopen the economy as quickly as possible, whatever the cost.

And look at us now. Every day, four red states that rushed to reopen under Trump’s orders, Texas, Arizona, Georgia, and Florida, have a higher daily new case rate than the entire European Union combined. It’s so bad that two GOP Governors, Greg Abbott if Texas and Doug Ducey of Arizona, actually have locking their states back down on the menu as a last resort. As does Gavin Newsome in if he can’t get southern Cali back under heel again.

But the truly sad thing is that it didn’t have to be like this, even taking Trump’s abject stupidity into account. Obviously reopening before the curve had even flattened, much less gone down was a tragic mistake, but even that could have mitigated to make it less of a nightmare than it currently is. But for whatever vain, stupid, egotistical reason, Donald Trump refused to say the three simple words that could have helped to save the economy he cherishes even more than American lives.

Wear a fucking mask. That’s all he had to say. God knows Trump wubs him some executive orders, he would have scribbled his Sharpie name on one mandating universal mask wearing as a required part of reopening states. New Jersey got hammered, but they stayed faithful to the discipline of mask wearing, and last weekend they reopened their freakin’ amusement parks! Somehow Trump took a simple, inexpensive, effective piece of health equipment, and turned it into a political statement, which he then plunked himself firmly on the wrong side of.

Why? I mean, come on! It’s not like he’s going to give Leo DiCaprio or Brad Pitt a serious run for their money in Studio 54 these days. Personally, I greatly dislike wearing a mask, but for a practical reason. I wear glasses, and when I breathe through a mask, it fogs my glasses, and shit, I’m already blind. But Teri fixed me right up. She got me this brightly colored tube that I slide over my head to my neck, and then pull it up to cover my face. When she told me it was made from Spandex, I immediately convinced myself that it was cut from the legging of a Buns Of Steel model, and now I’m as happy as a little piggy in sop.

When you strip it down to its simplest core, you wanna know who’s killing Donald Trump’s vaunted economy, his only lifeline to reelection? Donald Trump and his brain dead fucktards are killing the economy! I wrote weeks ago that it wasn’t Trump or the Governors who would ultimately decide when things reopen in this country, it was you and I. If we don’t leave the house, nothing improves. Well, who wants to leave the house in the morning, and immediately start bouncing off of a bunch of brain dead MAGA clad trolls, belching, coughing, and wheezing merrily along while they celebrate their personal freedom to sicken and kill their fellow citizens. Little wonder that places in hard hit areas are seriously considering closing back down again, since they aren’t generating enough business to stay open. And it’s all Trump’s fault.

Look, a universal mask wear requirement won’t fix the mess we’re in, it’s too late for that. But what it will do is to mitigate further spread, and hopefully give jammed hospitals a breather in which to deal with their own case loads. And if enforced, it will flatten the curve, the rest of the world has already showed us that. Democrats need to pass an emergency bill in the House immediately mandating the wearing of a mask in public. And considering the fact that Moscow Mitch, as well as most of the rest of his GOP Politburo in the Senate are now covering as much of their ugly mugs as possible in public, it shouldn’t be the hardest sell in the world in the Senate either.

But something must be done, and quickly. Look, I’ll admit it, even if I have to look like Butch Cassidy, I like being able to pull up to Best Buy, and drop a few bucks once or twice a week at Sam’s Town. Our Governor has already moved us back to phase one, and there’s only one more backward step he can take. But as much as another large scale shutdown would ensure Trump’s defeat in November, the effect it would have on millions of innocent Americans is intolerable to even consider. This shit needs to get itself unfucked, soonest.

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Scott Jackson

Trump is personally responsible for 135,000 deaths we know of & now wants parents to sacrifice their children. Funny, so did hitler, training 10y/o kids to fight the ruskies in Berlin while he hid in his bunker with his prostitute. He made Germany great again. Right. I’m having a Clive barker bad acid flashback, waking up in neonazi land full of amoral cretins, who are as easy to manipulate as a school of minnows. This time I don’t have the comfort of telling myself it will run it’s course in a few hours.

dana fairfield

To be fair, not all the deaths. Even if the US did everything right, there would still have been several ten thousand deaths. Still, probably around 100,000 deaths (so far) are on him. How many Benghazi hearing does that equal?

p j evans

L.A. county hasn’t relaxed its mask requirement. The big problems seem to be in other counties.


I wear glasses. To prevent your glasses from fogging up while wearing a mask simply wash your glasses with dish soap and hot water before going out. That keeps my glasses from fogging up for a couple of hours. I don’t know if soft soap would work. I would try dish soap.

Alfred Higgins

No truer words were ever spoken. Reopening the economy is up to us. That awesome responsibility was so artfully punted in no uncertain terms by tRump and his sycophants. Between you and me, there is no amount of goods or services I would willingly purchase along with an extra chance to get a bonus dose of COVID-19.


Here in FL with our nitwit and greedy governor we locals can’t even get supplies like bleach and some soaps etc b/c the d#$% tourists buy everything up. They then parade around mask-less like it’s 2019, putting everyone in danger.
DeSantis is a horrorshow and I blame him b/c he follows all things President Tweet.
I’m in hell.