The tell-all book by Mary Trump, niece to Donald, keeps trickling out gems. Rachel Maddow caught this one. Ivana and Donald told Junior that if he joined the military, they would disown him.

As Maddow opines, interesting how Donald Trump looks down his nose at the military. One more rock on the pile of horrific.


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6 Comments on "The Trumps Threatened to Disown Don Jr. If He Joined the Military"

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Annar Key

Jr. Would have washed out the first day anyway. That moron would’ve shown up with his boots on the wrong feet.

Denis Elliott
I really doubt Don Jr. ever seriously considered military service. No fucking way. However, I have no problem at all believing he’d toss out a little trash talk along those lines just to get some type of reaction from daddy and mommy. A sort of “Pay attention to ME!” type cry for help. Service simply isn’t part of his makeup, much less service that could require real sacrifice. Mommy, or more accurately the nannies mommy supervised raised him. And don’t forget his initially staying clear of daddy when during the divorce it turned out daddy had raped his mom. She’s… Read more »
Lil Blue Sock

No chance. Cowards generally donโ€™t join the military…..see the coward that sired this Assclown.


He should have called their bluff.
What does he stand to “inherit”?
A mountain of debt, a surname that will soon be a pejorative, and possible prison time.


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