In “1984” Winston Smith says, “The best books are the ones that tell you what you already know.” We have all intuited and surmised much of what is now being revealed by Donald Trump’s niece, Mary. These are not new observations, but coming from a woman who is a clinical psychologist and a relative, they ratify all of our worst fears. Mary Trump says, in essence, that Uncle Donald is such a mess that if it wasn’t for his money, who knows what he would be able to do in the world, in the condition he’s in? New York Times:

Like other critics of the president, Ms. Trump takes issue in the book with the notion that Mr. Trump is a strategic thinker who operates according to specific agendas or organizing principles.

“He doesn’t,” she writes. “Donald’s ego has been and is a fragile and inadequate barrier between him and the real world, which, thanks to his father’s money and power, he never had to negotiate by himself.” […]

“The fact is,” she writes, “Donald’s pathologies are so complex and his behaviors so often inexplicable that coming up with an accurate and comprehensive diagnosis would require a full battery of psychological and neurophysical tests that he’ll never sit for.”

At another point she says: “Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life, so there is no way to know how he would thrive, or even survive, on his own in the real world.”

And then here’s another revelation, one that makes complete sense. Trump paid somebody to take his SAT.

As a high school student in Queens, Ms. Trump writes, Donald Trump paid someone to take a precollegiate test, the SAT, on his behalf. The high score the proxy earned for him, Ms. Trump adds, helped the young Mr. Trump to later gain admittance as an undergraduate to the University of Pennsylvania’s prestigious Wharton business school.

Mr. Trump has often boasted about attending Wharton, which he has referred to as “the best school in the world” and “super genius stuff.”

It’s not surprising that this is already a best seller based on pre-sales alone. I haven’t finished Bolton’s book yet, but I will carve out time to read this tome. I predict that come next week, the 14th when this is released, the national conversation is going to explode. You notice that Donald Trump hasn’t said a word about this book, right? He’s petrified.

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I have it pre-ordered on Amazon, should be a fun read.


Perhaps it’s just that I’m from the outside looking in or because I’ve been dealing with my own issues since my late teens. But I see nothing complex about Trump. I see a sheltered but abused child who would long been destroyed by a world that he was ill-prepared for, desperately trying to make it pay for that insult to his dignity.

OMG, the new clarity in the air is releasing so much, “WTF”, tension, thanks for this simple comment by his niece, not only has Trump been acting like a guy in a canoe in the middle of Lake Michigan without a paddle, he would be challenged to even know what a paddle is for … He gets not one instant of permission or understanding, or sympathy for him in what is about to happen to his sorry ass … what’s it going to take to get this piss-poor example of a human being thrown to the curb? Just a million… Read more »
Meg Corrigan

Wow, Darrel! You nailed it.

p j evans

My understanding is that he wasn’t really “at” Wharton. He implies it – but he lies all. the. time.

Living in Mexico

tRump graduated with a Bachelors degree in Business from the University of Pennsylvania. Wharton doesn’t grant undergraduate degrees. Wharton is affiliated with U of Penn but not the same school

Tin woman1

Good stuff. I don’t know what she means by institutionalized.


I wondered the same thing. I know he was sent to reform school (military school to some) when young and that the Presidency is very regimented and controlled, but I was perplexed by the statement. I found one definition that may help explain.

Institutional syndrome. … In clinical and abnormal psychology, institutionalization or institutional syndrome refers to deficits or disabilities in social and life skills, which develop after a person has spent a long period living in mental hospitals, prisons, or other remote institutions.

Perhaps his family business was like an institution. An institution that had rules and expectations regardless of how perverse,


I ordered the Mary Trump book a few weeks ago, and just received an update from Amazon on delivery date. They must be overwhelmed with pre-orders, because the estimated date of delivery is now between August 10 and September 2.


I ordered the e-book from Amazon and they just sped up the release from 7/28 to 7/14.

Denis Elliott

I thought we’d have to wait until later in the week for excerpts but clearly the book has been sent to journalists as well as distributors. Any remote chances of Trump quashing publication are gone. Sure, they can still try but practically speaking it means that any legal filing Trump or his family members make is dead on arrival in court. I’ll admit it will be fun to watch them try – and shot down!

p j evans

Discovery would be fun. For everyone else. (It isn’t like most of us didn’t already think Himself paid others to take tests and write papers for him.)

Lil Blue Sock

Sort of like now.


Alice in Wonder

“Donald has been institutionalized for most of his adult life, . . . ” This is the bomb!

Annette Weatherman

what does that mean?


I’m taking the ‘institutionalized for most of his life’ to mean that he has been sheltered and he hasn’t had to deal with general life hassles and its drudgery. Things in life like real jobs with evaluations and balancing budgets and car payments and health care and on and on…..

He’s never had money worries or had to deal with other people and their issues.

Hell, he lives in a padded cell and doesn’t know it.


“Today, Donald is much as he was at 3 years old: incapable of growing, learning or evolving, unable to regulate his emotions, moderate his responses, or take in and synthesize information,”
This pretty much sums up why tRump acts like a toddler that never got past the “Terrible Twos”, as I have been saying for quite q while now. More and more snippets are being released, confirming what many mental health professionals (and many of us!)have been saying about tRump for several years now!


I am also reading Bolton’s book and thoroughly enjoying it. He has an interesting sense of humor. I preordered Mary Trump’s book and have already received Washington Post’s book, Donald Trump and His Assault on the Truth.


Well, she has no reason to lie, and she certainly doesn’t need the money. This ought to be good…..LOL