The Mutiny of “The Bounty”


When the history of the 2020 election is written, it is the story broken by the New York Times, chronicling the scheme hatched by Vlad the Imp to pay a bounty for the lives of US soldiers in Afghanistan that may well have been the final nail in the Trump reelection coffin.

For generations now, veterans and active duty military personnel have been two of the richest veins for the GOP to mine. And they worked hard at it. For generations the GOP has portrayed itself as the patriotic party, ready to shovel boxcar loads of cash at the military, and with an almost religious reverence for the veterans who served this country. And now it’s all coming down around their greedy, lying little ears.

Donald Trump basically picked up a bullhorn, and bellowed, What a bunch of bullshit! From day one, Trump has done nothing but disrespect both the military as well as veterans. He removed a progressive VA Chief who was trying to drag the agency, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century. He disrespected the days of gold star widow of Sgt. LaDavid Johnson, sloughing off her pain with a cavalier He knew what he signed up for. Trump has repeatedly moved to politicize the armed forces, calling them his army, like some tinpot despot. And even worse, he took tens of millions of dollars of funds earmarked for improvement of bases, especially schools and daycare centers, to build his stupid vanity wall. And he let the Veterans Administration fall even farther into disrepair with a political hack appointee.

But it is the crisis currently embroiling the Trump administration over this scandal about Russia paying a bounty for dead American soldiers that is going to have a catastrophic effect on the election. Because it is current, it is visceral, and it is intolerable. The Trump administration has fallen back on it’s traditional strategy of bifurcated bullshit. Call the whole thing a media and Democratic hoax, and then deny that the case against Russia hasn’t  been proven. There is no way that Trump will risk waking up some morning and seeing that Wikileaks has decided to drop a cache of documents showing how the Trump organization has been nothing more than a massive ruble laundromat for decades, obfuscate he must.

But that obfuscation is about to tear Trump’s electoral map to shreds. Trump is already down double digits nationally, trailing in every battleground state, and states once thought safe are in play. Now, with that in mind, think about the number of major military installations in the United States, and the number of not only veterans, but families of active service members spread throughout the United States.

Trump’s actions have just placed the entire eastern seaboard of the United States in play. There are major military installations in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida. And sailors, soldiers, and airmen know bullshit when they hear it. Trump already alienated the Navy by removing the commander of a nuclear powered aircraft carrier for pleading for assistance for his sailors stricken with the coronavirus. Trump has taken the military for granted from day one. Now, let’s just take a look at all of the military bases in Texas, and Arizona, states where Trump is struggling.

The men and women who make the conscious choice to wear the cloth of this nation are indeed the best there are among us. They made a personal choice to put their own preferences aside to serve a higher common good. They serve for us so that we don’t have to serve ourselves. And they all have families that are rightfully as proud as hell of them. But if they have a brain in their heads, they’re also scared shitless for them.

And now they are learning, with increasing clarity every day, that the Commander in Chief, the man ultimately charged with the preservation of the well being of their sons and daughters, is, and for months has been, aware of a Russian plot to pay up to $100,000, to send their sons and daughters home in an aluminum box filled with ice. And the Commander in Chief is just fine with their sons and daughters being buried, just as long as his secrets remain buried. I can’t wait to see the military vote totals once this election is in the can.

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Cherl Harrell

I’ve been waiting for the general public, military and retired military to wise up to this. All the things you mentioned, tRump has screwed military and veterans over as much or more than the country itself. Looks like the bill is finally coming due.

Denis Elliott
It’s probably wishful thinking, and as a lifelong (and suffering) Cubs fan common sense tells me to be grateful for any crumbs & not get greedy. IOW I’ll take what I can get if all it is winds up being just for this one elections Veterans and active duty troops tear the GOP a new asshole. However I can’t help the part of me that hopes that maybe, just maybe the hole in the dike is too big to get close up and will grow wider with each passing week, and month and year. What do I mean by that?… Read more »
old grey dude
I realize this is horrific and all with the bounties, but is anyone really surprised this was going on? I saw Charlie Wilson’s War, to think the russians have not been stoking the taliban ever since g w bush sent troops there seems unrealistic. Plausible deniability and all that. I am sure Obama knew russia was doing this even while he had to meet with putin at international meetings. The part that gets me is trumps genuflecting to putin which has been sickening to watch. That is the part that is going to get to people, especially military families I… Read more »
With all the current crap Trump is saying and doing, while flailing around in his personal hell of universal expired BS work-around his mind is showing he IS TRULY finished … He is totally deflated to minimal statements that reflect the lost and impotent fool and fake person he always has been … pretends to be, “brilliant”, says we all should consider injecting Lysol and bleach … !!??!! Now, since we all are at least average in common sense, maybe a little better in knowledge that high school grads should have, something Trump knows nothing about, we recognize the constant… Read more »

Look no further than last night’s joke of a speech (and Hoarse Whisperer’s inspired commentary on same in real time) for proof of the above. We’re looking at the end of a John Le Carre adaptation with a semi-good outcome, where the hidden system in place can no longer coast on inertia.