If this is new information to you, Team Trump has decided on a “strategy” for reelection. They have no platform, the economy is tanked, so “greatest economy in history” is out. “Transition to Greatness” doesn’t seem to be holding water. Every few days the polls slide a little more. So what does that leave? Culture war. Trump, in insult comic mode, is going to try and scare everybody into fearing Joe Biden and the Libs will do something worse than what he’s already done. This is the Trump card, the only one he’s got, demonize Uncle Joe and monger fear.

Trump impersonator J-L Cauvin nails it. He’s got Trump’s voice down to a tee. Listen with your eyes closed, it’s almost scary.

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7 Comments on "Trump Impersonator Does Comic Preview Of Mt. Rushmore Speech: ‘Mike, ya said you liked rock hard men…’"

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candace l martinelli

LOL This is perfect!

Cherl Harrell

Not only does he have the voice, but the speech patterns. It’s uncanny and very believable that Himself would say those words. Of course it would be more projection.


Dam good voice, a little smoother than rump.
But so is a sawblade.


Hilarious , he did a great impersonation ….