Only 11 More Shopping Days ‘Til Christmas


Eat and drink, be of good cheer, for Christmas comes but once a year

Not for me, no sir. If as I expect, in another 11 days, I’m able to turn on MSNBC and see helicopter of that little white haired weasel, wearing his stupid Truman
Capote little round glasses, and shuffling slump shouldered through the gates of a federal prison, I am gonna be one jig danging Irishman, I’ll tell you that much for free! Christmas in July!

And if Roger Stone isn’t sweating like a meat loaf in a 375 oven right now, then Stone is even dumber than I give him credit for. And personally, I score igneous rocks higher on the IQ scale. When you look at the current landscape of Trumpmenistan right now, time is not on Roger Stone’s side, and it’s passing on Mercury style winged feet.

I’ve said it before, the easiest mark in the world is a con man, and every con man’s best mark is himself. His rock solid belief in his own superior intelligence makes him ripe pickings, especially when he cons himself into taking one risk too many. Trump has spent his entire 5 years in politics since Access Hollywood throwing one shiny object after another in the air, to distract people while he struggled to get dressed in the morning. And now, it’s happening to him, and that is about to bite Roger Stone in the ass.

What does Trump have on his mind right now? Well, not only isn’t the economy roaring back, his own GOP Governors are being forced to roll back their economic reopening steps in the wake of coronavirus spikes. And the other day, on a flyby, I heard an economist on FUX News drawing the distinction between an economy with 15 million newly minted unemployed, and the totally discordant stock market. When your own ministry of Propaganda starts churching up the masses, you’re in trouble. Trump trails Biden outside the margin of error in every battleground state, and even states like Texas, Iowa, and Georgia are suddenly in play. And there’s this nagging problem about giving Putin free rein to turn US forces in Afghanistan into ducks in a bathtub.

Trump doesn’t have time for shit like Roger Stone, and Stone has to know that. After all, even in more pastoral, sedate times, Trump let Paul Manafort shuffle off to the federal pen, gout and all, without a backward glance. And Manafort did more for Trump than Stone ever did, especially since I consider it inconceivable that Manafort got millions in loans from that Chicago bank, without some little envelope of baksheesh sliding under the Oval Office door. That’s just how Trump operates.

And Stone has to be careful too. After all, Trump’s hair trigger temper and short fuse are world renowned, especially when he’s distracted. If Stone and his lawyers spend too much time whining and begging His Lowness to take action, they may get their wish, and one day Tubby the Ewok shows up in court arguing for a longer sentence for Stone as an enemy of the people.

So, I’m in countdown mode. And for the next 11 days, just so long as The Duke of Distraction has all of these gnats and mosquitoes buzzing around his ears, he has no time for a pissant like Stone. But even if he does end up having to report to the Crossbar Hilton, it’s not all bad news. Maybe he can get a role in the upcoming cable drama Orange is the new Armani. Give him something to do.

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Carroll Ann Robinson

Oh this was too good!! Been thinking this for some time: Trump absolutely cannot afford to pardon Stone now, in July, ergo why the attempt to have his sentence put off until what, mid-September? So he’d only have to be in prison until the day after election results are in? Maybe six or seven weeks from mid-September? But now, the flat-headed genius is reporting for potato peeling duty in only 11 days. Woooooooohoooooooooo!!!
Trite I know, but payback is hell. Finally Stone gets just a little dose of his own nasty medicine.

Denis Elliott

As the old classic holiday tune says: “It’s beginning to look at lot like PRI-SON!”

Still, I’m not as optimistic as you are. The present is all wrapped up in Santa’s courtroom but not even in Santa’s sleigh yet. Only when it’s delivered to the prison cell and the iron bar door is slammed shut will I believe Santa really has given us Christmas in July.


The time to have hit these brakes was long before now. My inner bookie–the one that called Strauss staying in her position as acting head of SDNY a mortal lock–says Stone goes down for the count.

Denis Elliott
My fear is that Trump will go into his I know better than all of you mode with his inner circle and issue a pardon at the last minute. If the impulse grabs him he’ll write out Roger Stone is pardoned with his Sharpie and put that Presidential Stamp & Seal on it, call Barr to the WH to hand it to him in person and live tweet it to the country. He’s being hit with all kinds of stuff these days. He doesn’t give a fuck about Covid-19 as long as he doesn’t get it but knows it’s hurting… Read more »

Fear noted…and rejected. If he passed on that for Manafort, he’ll do the same for Stone. Seriously, Denis, every time this sort of speculation comes up, the underlying assumption is that Trump a) has consistently behaved like every Republican president we’ve suffered since Nixon and b) there’s enough of his brains left to manage that kind of coordination. I’m waiting on people to finally accept how neither notion in the same galaxy as the truth.

p j evans

The newly-unredacted parts of Mueller’s report are about Stone, so he’s earned the bars.


I don’t know – I can still see Trump pulling a pardon for Stone so he can grab the news cycle and get some attention and feel some power.
He loves the rush he gets when he pulls out his sharpie.
I sure hope I’m wrong though.


Reminder: every pardon he has ever issued has been for people with zero connection to him. Stone is disqualified on that basis alone.