Maybe the Trump reelection campaign should rename itself “Donnyland,” because if Disneyland is the happiest place on earth, the building where they toil to reelect Donald Trump is surely the most miserable. The misery stems from a mandate to do the impossible for the unappreciative and try to groom a set of new behaviors out of a candidate who is unreachable. But toil away they do, in their workshop, a grotesque simulation of Santa’s helpers — if Santa’s helpers were figuring out a way to go to work for the Grinch, rip off all the toys, and split before the big day on a hot sled.

You may be assured that there will be shake ups in the Trump campaign soon because nobody can save this shit show in Washington. Brad Parscale and the rest know it. They’re just wondering how long they stay on the Titanic before getting in the life boats.

Trump is trailing nationwide and in swing states. So Team Trump’s mission, which they are locked into, is reverse the tide and get the worst president in the history of any country, winning, winning, winning. So far, here’s their best thinking on how to tank Joe Biden lower than Donald Trump has tanked himself. Axios:

“We need to be demonizing him,” said a Republican lawmaker who talks regularly to Trump. The lawmaker said “Sleepy Joe” sounds harmless, congenial and low key. “Sleepy probably sounds nice to a lot of people right now, with everything that’s going on,” he said.

  • In April’s NBC/WSJ poll, only 25% of voters held a “very negative” view of Biden. In the NBC/WSJ poll of April 2016, meanwhile, 42% of voters held a “very negative” view of Hillary Clinton. Trump’s figure is similar to Clinton’s — around 43% of voters today say they hold a “very negative” view of him (53% were “very negative” on Trump in April 2016).
  • In recent days, Trump has sought to cast a more sinister light over Biden, replacing “Sleepy Joe” with “Corrupt Joe,” the Washington Post first reported.

Behind the scenes: Trump’s aides say it will be harder to make Biden widely despised than it was with Clinton, who was a conservative media target for decades.

  • “You’re not going to make Joe Biden hated personally,” said a source involved in the internal discussions. “You can’t do it through personality.”

  • So they will try to argue that he wouldn’t really be in charge. “You’ve got to make it so that a vote for Joe Biden isn’t a vote for Joe Biden, it’s really a vote for his radical left-wing puppet masters,” the source said.

Now here’s the paradox: How do you make it look like anything that Joe Biden and/or the radical left wing are capable of doing is going to be any worse than the hellscape of our daily lives right now under Trump? Logicians will tell you, it’s very hard to prove a negative, and right now that’s what Team Trump must do, is prove that IF the Evil Puppet Masters and their surrogate Joe Biden get in, there’s going to be a scene that’s any wilder than the national guard in the streets, or 120,000 Americans dead from a pandemic that Trump denied the reality of and then blamed on the Chinese, or the blow up over the death of George Floyd. And don’t forget, Trump’s very first pardon was Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The reign of Trump has been a shitshow since day one and the newest bombshell about the Afghan militia being paid a bounty to kill American soldiers by Russia, juxtiposed against Rudy Guiliani’s conspiracy theory about Hunter Biden doesn’t seem to be in the same league. (Almost comically, Trump is credibly charged with treason the very same week he goes on the Christian Broadcasting Network and accuses Barack Obama of same, for spying on his campaign, when treason is limited to making war against the United States or aiding and abetting an enemy, but Trump is too stupid to know that and his followers are too stupid to care.)

And again, it comes back to the question of Trump’s reelection strategy: what are you going to say Joe Biden could possibly do that would be worse than waking up in America day to day under Donald Trump? What? So apparently the brainstorming sessions start on the left wing radicals and proving the negative, then they turn to Biden’s senility, and in total desperation, his corruption. That’s about the gambit.

Yes, but: It’s not at all clear that any of these new attacks will work.

  • Trump’s advisers have long argued over the most effective way of attacking Biden, and in the most recent NYT/Siena College poll, more than 60% of voters disagreed with the notion that Biden was too old to be an effective president.

  • Biden is 77; Trump is 74.

  • It’s also a bit of a head-scratcher as to how Biden can be both “Corrupt Joe” — which suggests a degree of agency — and totally incapacitated.

That last one is a bit of a sticky wicket. Biden allegedly doesn’t know what room he’s in, but he’s scheming madly to defraud….who exactly? Corrupt Joe has done what, will do what? Oh, never mind. This is improvisational theater of the damned, it’s not supposed to make any sense.



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Tin woman1

I spend a lot of time laughing at *rump. But there is nothing to laugh about with this russian stuff.

Lil Blue Sock
The way to get the “suburban moms” certainly isn’t going after the Affordable Care Act…almost every one of those moms knows someone, either neighbor or family member, with a special needs or child suffering an illness, if not within their own immediate family. Without the pre-existing condition protection within the ACA, these families would face financial ruin providing those loved ones with proper care. Healthcare and preserving the ACA were one of the main factors in the 2018 “Blue wave”, it was THE factor in getting Abigail Spanberger elected in DEEP RED Va-07, and likewise, their current efforts will be… Read more »

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Lone Wolf

Whoring yourself out online is good money, huh? Like from morbidly obese fat fucks who have to pay for it???
Get the hell outta here.


They’ve really painted themselves into their little corner, haven’t they?


Back when I was a kid, I had a soccer coach who went by the nickname of “Sleepy”, just for the way his eyes were shaped. He was the few adults in my early life that I can still say I trusted. So Trump blew it with me on that nickname for Joe.