These powerful campaign ads are likely going to be our salvation. This one in particular should be effective in red states, where COVID-19 is spiking and even prominent Republicans like Dick Cheney are telling everybody to wear a mask.

Today the White House held it’s first coronavirus meeting in two months. Mike Pence asked people to pray four times — and didn’t say “wear a mask” once. So now Republican politicians and Mike Mattis are taking the reins into their own hands, since the federal government is currently unmanned by anybody but the corrupt and the clueless.

Then James Mattis chimes in. What a pleasure to hear a sentence or two of sanity and leadership in a time of crisis. God knows we’re not getting it from the White House, that’s the last place you’re going to find those two things.

Rob Portman posted a tweet about mask wearing, John Boozman, Jerry Moran, they’re all making a break from Donald Trump. And here’s the thing with Trump and mask wearing, which would be comical if the implications weren’t so tragic: it’s rumored that Trump won’t wear a mask because he doesn’t want to smear his makeup. Seriously. For those of us with normal skin color and/or real suntans, this is not a problem. As to his other machismo issues, appearing “weak” whatever nuttiness, I have no clue, so I won’t comment.

Another unbelievable day in Trump world.

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11 Comments on "‘More Lies More Die.’ Meidas Touch Ad Sticks Pin In Pence’s Pipedream, Prominent GOPers Say ‘Wear A Mask’"

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p j evans

If his makeup were closer to his real skin tone, it wouldn’t be nearly so obvious when he gets it wrong – or it rubs off on his shirt. Better yet, wear no more makeup than absolutely necessary.


I’m sorry.

Are we supposed to accept the excuse of someone who ‘markets’ themselves as a ‘man’s’ man, as unable to wear a life-saving piece of equipment because it will ‘smear his make-up’ ?

A man?

Cherl Harrell

A wannabe “man’s man”. 😉

Lil Blue Sock

Joe looks sharp in a mask….the dark glasses make the look.

I have no problems with wearing one since I have the perfect face for radio.



I told them at Physical Therapy the other day the only good thing about a pandemic was I look ten times better with a mask on.


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Lone Wolf

Talk to that skank Vank, she can get you a cush job, you’ll just have to take turns ….ing her morbidly obese father.


Why would Dick Cheney need a mask? Pond scum is susceptible to COVID-19?