Sarah Cooper does amazing lip sync and facial expression interpretations of Donald Trump. She brilliantly portrays the plain stupidity and absurdity of what comes out of Trump’s mouth. The message that came through to me the first time I saw her work was, “My God, if anybody else was saying this stuff, we would lock the person up.” This is how batshit Trump really sounds.

Well, now we know how it’s done. Donald Trump has shown us. When you are an incumbent running for reelection, be non-responsive when an ally in the media asks you a softball question about your second term. Just talk about whatever frivolity comes to mind. It makes you wonder what he would have told the folks at the other cable channels, when they asked a real question?


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7 Comments on "Sarah Cooper Riffs On Trump’s Bizarre, Non Response to Hannity’s Question About A Second Term"

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p j evans

DDale posted an image of the transcript for that answer. It’s the kind of thing that would get most people sent to a memory-care home.

Lil Blue Sock

To your final point, a rallying cry of the MAGAt crowd is “Wait ‘Til the Debate” as if the debate will benefit them.

On one hand we have a statesman with 40+ years of government and policy experience….on the other, an incoherent, blithering idiot who can’t manage s single sentence and can’t distinguish his azz from a hole in the ground.

They should be careful what they wish for.

L Meeks

Exactly ! The fact that Trump’s supporters think that a debate between Trump and ANYBODY will prove Trump’s superiority tells you a lot about their level of intelligence.


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