“It’s NOT The Economy This Time, No Matter What Trump Wants.


I went to see a new doctor, and his office was in something called a “Professional Building.” I felt better right away   George Carlin

It’s the economy, stupid! God knows that’s what Trump wanted the campaign slogan for this campaign to be. Instead, because of his almost other worldly stupidity and incompetence, the slogan has been rearranged into It’s the stupid economy!, although trump is still trying to run on the stock market as if that were the economy. But because of his criminal bungling of the coronavirus pandemic, Trump not only wrecked his only running platform, but he created a new #1 general election priority, one he can’t run on, and that Joe Biden is nailing pitch perfect.

It’s the healthcare, stupid! That is going to turn out to be the number one issue at stake in the general election in my opinion. Here’s why. Last week, another 1.5 million Americans filed for unemployment. My wife Teri is lucky, the company she works for is continuing to cover the cost of her healthcare insurance while she’s furloughed, including her normal payroll deduction. But for the majority of Americans on unemployment, they are left with the unpalatable choice of covering the entire monthly premium themselves, or being uninsured until they are recalled to work. And this choice comes in the middle of a deadly pandemic.

Last Saturday night, El Pendejo Presidente spent 1:40 in a 1/3 full arena in Tulsa, ranting like a drunken sailor on shore leave. And in that time, he never even laid a finger on Biden. In fact, he consciously avoided naming him at all preferring to raise the sexist and racist dog whistles of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton instead. He did this basically because his own internal polling was showing that he just can’t seem to come up with an effective way to attack an older white guy. He just can’t find anything that has any buzz for his racist and xenophobic crowd.

Yesterday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Biden gave about a 20 minute speech in which he laid Donald Trump to waste. Biden touched on the economy, and Trump’s pathetic response to the coronavirus, but he homed on on healthcare. Speaking as only a man who has lost a son to cancer can, Biden pointed out a woman whose twins had both been diagnosed with Leukemia at age 13. One of them just graduated college. He spoke of being unable to even conceive of having to make such decisions without the safety net of insurance. His empathy spilled out the speakers like a fog and filled the room.

Biden then immediately pivoted to advise the small but attentive audience that that very day, Trump’s Department of Justice was arguing in front of the Supreme Court to try to invalidate the entire ACA. Never mind the millions of unemployed without insurance, Trump wanted to take away insurance for 20 million people in the middle of a pandemic. Biden then reminded the audience of the devastating fact that losing the ACA meant that the act of surviving the coronavirus could get you a preexisting condition label that would allow insurance companies from providing you access to healthcare in the future.

Biden laid out a basic framework for his new healthcare initiative, promising to have it on his website in two weeks. Biden hammered Trump on the economy, as well as his botching the entire coronavirus response. And he took him to the woodshed for coming right out and saying that he wanted to slow testing down, because it made him look bad. But the overarching theme of the speech was healthcare, and it was devastatingly effective.

I think that Biden is right. Unemployment and healthcare are the top two issues in the country today, and they’re intricately linked. And if, as expected, we see a second surge in the fall, then these two topics are going to top the charts again, mere weeks before the election. And the more he hammers this issue home now, not only does he separate himself as the candidate for the people on healthcare, but the more he brands Trump as the enemy of his own constituents where healthcare is concerned. By all means, respond to other issues as they arise, but don’t forget about healthcare in the passion of the moment. It’s the golden ticket.

*Bonus Pun*

I was thumbing through a magazine and saw a pun contest, with a $100,000 grand prize. Being a Zen Master of puns, I locked in and went to work. Over the course of a week, I submitted 10 separate puns, each better than the last, and sat back to wait for the judges to tell me which one had garnered the prize. But alas, when the judging was complete, no pun in ten did.

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Denis Elliott
Think back to 2008 and 2012. The GOP didn’t want to hear the name Bush, and if they did they wanted to extoll the first President Bush and feign amnesia over his son also attaining the WH. It didn’t work out well in either Presidential race for the GOP but there’s a cautionary tale upon closer inspection. In 2008 general weariness with Bush propelled Democrats to a wave election that extended down ballot. However, the GOP came back with a vengeance with Koch Brother’s money fueling the “Tea Party” (I still crack up over the memories of them calling themselves… Read more »
You’re overlooking one critical difference in your math, Denis: the slow motion exit of the Boomers, which the Lincoln Project number among. The 2010s may well be the last moment they could flex any significant political muscle and what passes for GOP leadership is full of Boomers who have maybe another five to ten years in their gas tank. Also, worthy allies though the Lincoln Project have become, NEVER forget that a) they were helpless to stop Trump’s rise and b) it was only when we the Dems that they had any worthwhile opposition they could latch onto. So my… Read more »
Denis Elliott
You raise a worthwhile point, yet even 5-10 years given what we face is a long damned time. There’s also the fact that these same temporary allies spend decades steering us towards this cliff, assuming until the last couple of years (most of them) that as before when needed they could adjust the course of the political equivalent of an Ultra-Large Crude Carrier (gigantic oil supertanker) away from the precipice. Unfortunately Trump set it full speed ahead towards a Niagra Falls type drop at full speed. You can’t simply bring it to a quick crash stop. Even at low cruising… Read more »
Compared to four decades of Republican rule, five to ten years is a heatbeat…and as I said, a failing heartbeat at that. The damage is done and will continue to be done, yes (semi-topical sidebar: why is it every time I point out that the GOP is actually failing, someone needs to point out all the damage done and compounding as though I somehow missed it and the work needed to clean it up? At this point, it’s crying over spilt milk until further notice) but their ability to profit off such has been self-destructed. That offspring is going to… Read more »

Wellll… I guess that makes you a pundit.


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