This is hysterical. A new star in the political advertising firmament, #FindAClearTruth put together this epic, involving Watergait, DeathRamp and the Emptyburgh Address, which is what Steve Schmidt is calling Trump’s debacle in Oklahoma Saturday night. This is a side splitter.

Whatever you do, get this in front of as many people as possible. Since Lincoln Project knows about it, I daresay that will either buy it or incorporate it in an ad. Trump’s schict is stupid, boring, and now it’s going to be his undoing.

Here’s another video that’s going viral, if you haven’t seen it yet. Pure poetry.

This is the face of a loser, not a statesman. If he’s here now, where will he be the night of November 3? We have seen real statesmen lose the presidency with grace, to wit, Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush. They both had enough class and dignity to rise above their personal pain and do what was right for the country. I felt for Carter that night and I was proud of how he rose to the occasion. The dignity of the office was his most pressing concern and he did not let us down. I was also most impressed with H.W.’s concession speech to Clinton and I was not alone in that. Bush was lauded for his “patrician” ways that night and justifiably so. I cannot even imagine what Trump will do or say when he loses.

What Trump reminds me of here, is Jackie Gleason’s character, Ralph Kramden. Remember how Ralph always had grandiose schemes and was getting way above himself, trying to be the big guy, the smart guy, the tough guy? And then he fell on his ass and he looked hang dog, just like Trump does here? But because Ralph had a good heart, you forgave him his folly. And Ralph never hurt anybody but himself. Trump doesn’t have a good heart and he’s hurt millions, including the 128,000 and counting, Americans dead from COVID-19. He’s a petty, vicious tyrant without empathy or remorse and he deserves to go down hard. Color me unsympathetic.

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4 Comments on "Watch Donald Trump Navigate the Ramp of Death Then Watch Joe Biden"

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Hearing “The Lonely Man” (actual name of The Incredible Hulk music piece) while watching Trump walk into a house he cheated to get makes me the far more talented Bill Bixby being gone over this fool. And Bixby’s been in the ground for a little under 30 years.


He deserves whatever he is “feeling” right now.

p j evans

Himself looks old, very tired, and like he’s lost half the makeup on his face.


The makeup probably filed a restraining order.